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[Alpine Postcard]
Postcard of Kokernot Springs aquifer in Alpine, Texas. The photograph on the postcard shows the spring surrounded by trees. A handwritten note on the card says, "Kokernot Springs, Alpine, Tex. Copr By J. C. Thain, 1920."
[Alpine Postcard]
Postcard of a view of Alpine, Texas. The photograph was taken from the top of a hill. The postcard is addressed to Maria R. Pena in El Paso, Texas. It is dated April 22, 1915.
[Alpine School]
Postcard of a public school in Alpine, Texas. The students are posed outside the school. They range in age from small children to adolescents. A handwritten note on the front says, "Public School. Alpine, Tex." The card is dated March 17, 1911, and is addressed to Byron Avaut in Uvalde, Texas.
Birds-Eye-View, Fort Davis, Texas
The photograph on this postcard shows the town of Fort Davis. In the foreground, there is a formation of large rocks and an unpaved road that continues into the middle of the town. To either side of the road, there are various buildings enclosed by fences and surrounded by yards, trees, and windmills. The postcard was sent from Fort Davis March 15 and arrived in Uvalde, Texas March 17, 1918 according to the postmarks. The text, handwritten in ink, reads: "Wednesday. Well Janet how are you today? This picture was taken from some big high rocks in front of my uncle's house. There are hardly any lumber houses here - nearly all dirt or stone. Some are made of pretty pink rocks. They get the different kinds of rock from the mountains in the town or near town. Hope I'll see you again sometime. Miss Ada." The postcard was addressed to Miss Janet Harris.
Branding Cattle at the Brite Ranch
Photographic postcard of cowboys branding cattle on the Brite Ranch in West Texas. It has the name "Bill Bailey" written on the back and it is addressed to Mr. C.E. Brite in Brite, Tex and it is postmarked September 1, 1921 in Marfa, Texas.
[Capote Falls]
Postcard of Capote Falls, near Marfa. A small waterfall is cascading between two large cliffs. The tops of a few trees can been seen at the bottom left and right corners of the photograph.
[Catholic Church]
Postcard of an adobe Mexican Catholic church in Deming, New Mexico. The churchyard is fenced in. There is a bell at the top of the church, and a cross above the bell. There is a windmill in the background. A note on the front of the card says, "Mexican Catholic Church Deming, N. Mex."
Josepha Castro
Photographic postcard of Josepha Castro. A description of this photo by Eddie Rivera reads," Mrs. Castro was born in Shafter, Texas. She was best known for her fine knitting. She knitted fine articles and sold them. It was her hobby. She sold them only to make enough money to buy more supplies. She is the aunt of the Ignacio Campos family. She was a very religious person. She also liked to help the people who could not afford to buy or have something. You might have called her 'The Salvation Army'."
Luz and Manuel Cruz in Chihuahua, Mexico
Photographic postcard from March 19, 1921 picturing Luz Cruz and her son Manuel while on a trip to Chihuahua, Mexico. There is correspondence on the back in Spanish. This photo was included in a report by Salvador Roman, Jr. for a history class at Marfa High School in 1975.
[Main Street of Alpine]
Postcard of Main Street in Alpine, Texas, in 1909. The road is unpaved. There are several stores and horse-drawn vehicles along the road. Text below the photograph says, "Alpine, Texas. Published by The Palace Pharmacy." The card is addressed to Byron Avant in San Antonio, Texas.
Officer's Line, Fort Davis, Texas
In this photograph, there are about 10 buildings that appear to be identical, all in a line. A handwritten note on the front says "Officers Line" which suggests that the buildings are the houses of the officers and their families. Each house has a dark roof and five white pillars that form the rim of the porch. There are trees interspersed among the houses. In front of the buildings, there is a large area that is fenced in and contains several animals. Behind the houses, there is a rocky ridge covered in desert scrub and plants. This postcard was sent to "Mr. Frank Russell" in Marfa, Texas and the postmark is from Casa Piedra, Texas sent August 27, 1915. The text, handwritten in ink, reads: "Dear Frank:- This card re-calls memories of much a _happy_ day and each moon-light night that we have been riding & have wished that you were with us. Don't work too hard but come out here if you can. Lovingly, Mabel."
Photcard of Robert Cruz and Luz Hernandez
Photo postcard picturing Luz Hernandez and Robert Cruz fondly looking at one another. They were married and had sons named Steve and Manuel. The back of the postcard has correspondence in Spanish. This photo was included in a report by Salvador Roman, Jr. for a history class at Marfa High School in 1975.
Photo Postcard of Santa Helena Canyon, Texas
Photographic postcard depicting the Grand Canyon of Texas, Santa Elena Canyon with the Rio Grande River running through it. One side is Texas and the other is Mexico. This photo was included in a research paper by Sammy Barnett for an American History class at Marfa High School in May 1964.
[Photograph of Charley Bishop and grandchildren]
In this photograph, an older gentleman, identified as Charley Bishop, is standing in front of a house holding a dead rattlesnake in each hand. Three of his grandchildren are also in the picture: a young girl in a dress and pigtails is standing to his right (on the far left of the photograph), a young boy in overalls is sitting on the sidewalk directly in front of Mr. Bishop, and a second boy, also in overalls and identified as "Eddie", is sitting on a tricycle in the far right of the photograph (to Mr. Bishop's left). The back of the photograph says "Postcard" and has "Charley Bishop with grandchildren, on right Eddie, + large rattlesnakes...1947" handwritten in pencil.
[Postcard of a Man]
Postcard with a portrait of a man wearing a white formal shirt and bow tie with a sweater vest. There is no message on the back of the postcard.
[Postcard of Butterfield's Overland Stagecoach]
Postcard of a stagecoach pulled by four horses on a dirt road in the desert. A printed note on the back of the postcard describes the photo, "West Texas - Butterfield's Overland Stage from San Antonio to El Paso is shown here in Wild Rose Pass in the heart of Apache Country between Ft. Stockton and Fort Davis, historic garrisons west of the Pecos."
[Postcard of Cattle Ranchers]
Postcard of a group of men sitting and standing around a campfire near a vehicle, and two men sitting on horses, with a herd of cows in the background. On the back of the postcard is written: "Loaned - Eliz. Jennell Spence."
[Postcard of Cattle Round-Up]
Postcard of a herd of dark-colored cattle graze in an open field. In the foreground, there appears to be an unpaved road and a barbed wire fence enclosing the field. Behind the herd, there are three people on horseback. In the background, there are mountains and the open area continues, covered in scrub and small bushes. On the back of the postcard, there is a typed note which reads "Whiteface Hereford cattle add life and color to the mountain pastures." and also a handwritten note that says, "Main kind of work in Fort Davis 50 to 100 years ago." There is also a stamp with the name "Barry Scobee" and "Fort Davis, Texas."
[Postcard of Chito Manriques in a Car]
Postcard of a man sitting in an old-fashioned car. A handwritten note on the back of the postcard states that the man is the brother of Juana Dawson, Chito Manriques. There is also a handwritten note in Spanish on the back of the postcard.
[Postcard of George Dawson]
Postcard of a portrait of George Dawson in his army uniform, sent from Camp Sheridan in Alabama. On the back of the postcard is a handwritten note in Spanish from George Dawson to Jose Ramirez.
[Postcard of George Dawson and Friends]
Postcard of Mr. George Dawson at a going away party for himself before leaving for the Army. He is standing on the far right holding a bottle in one hand and a small pistol in the other. On the left are two of his friends, one sitting in a chair holding binoculars with a rifle leaning against him, and the other standing and holding an unidentifiable object in his hand.
Postcard of Jesus Abundio Cobos
Photographic postcard depicting two men, one which is Jesus Abundio Cobos in Alpine, Texas around 1900. One of the men is riding a donkey. Correspondence on the back is in Spanish.
[Postcard of Lucia Duran and Jesusita Garcia]
Postcard of Lucia Duran and Jesusita Garcia at nine years old wearing white dresses and veils, having just taken their first communion. There is nothing written on the back of the postcard.
[Postcard of Mountains Near Fort Davis, Texas]
Postcard of the sides of two mountains form a shallow valley with two mountain peaks visible in the distance. The mountains are covered in desert brush and vegetation. The note "Near Ft. Davis Tex" is handwritten near the bottom.
[Postcard of Old Fort Davis]
Postcard of Old Ft. Davis, a row of deserted brick buildings that are beginning to fall apart.
[Postcard of Ramona Delgadio and Carman Lara]
Postcard of two women standing outdoors. The woman on the left, in a white dress, is Ramona Delgadio, and Carman Lara stands to the right in a black dress with flowers in her hand. A handwritten message on the back of the postcard is written in Spanish.
[Postcard of Sirlido Dominguez and His Family]
Postcard of Sirlido Dominguez sitting in a chair, with his wife and daughter standing on either side of him. There is nothing written on the back of the postcard.
[Postcard of the DeAnda Family]
Postcard of a portrait of the DeAnda family. Those standing (L-R) are Jose DeAnda, Jesusita DeAnda, Francisco Morales, and Jose Morales, and those sitting (L-R) are Maria DeAnda, Manuel DeAnda, Domitillia DeAnda, Marcella Huereque, and Bernarda DeAnda. There is nothing written on the back of the postcard.
Teresa Campos Family
Photographic postcard picturing the nieces and nephews of Teresa Campos (L-R) Fred Ortega, age 4; Fransica Ortega, age 5; Enedina Martinez (sitting); Nena Ortega, age 2; Maria Martinez Ortega (Enedina's daughter); and Fransico, age 6. They are at their house in Ruidosa, Texas.