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Annual Catalog of the Pleasanton High School Term of 1906 and 1907
Annual catalog of the Pleasanton High School for 1906 and 1907. It contains a description of Atascosa County, courses of study for grades one through ten, and features many local advertisements. The name Ben S. Avant is written in pencil on the front cover.
Atascosa County Jail
Photograph of Atascosa County Jail. Unidentified individuals stand outside the building. A horse and carriage stand in the street beside the building.The jail was torn down in the 1950's.
[Deed For Lot No. 1 in Pleasanton]
Letter from F. M. Mansfield and J. N. Murphey to A. G. Martin containing the deed for Lot No. 1 in Pleasanton, Texas. The letter concerns the transferring of a deed for land in Pleasanton, Texas by the First Baptist Church. Also attached to the letter is a form signed by a notary public.
Field Notes of a Survey
Survey report about land in Atascosa County, Texas, for A. M. Avant. The report describes the results of a survey of land situated on the waters of Metah Creek, a tributary of La Parita River, about 12 miles southeast of Pleasanton, Texas.
[G. Van Norman Survey Blueprints]
Blueprint by G. Van Norman Survey of Atascosa Co., Texas.
[Letter From John W. Harris to A. M. Avant]
Letter from John W. Harris to A. M. Avant, Esq., concerning rent for land in Atascosa County. The letter is dated April 24, 1903 and is written on Harris & Rogers Insurance letterhead.
[Letter From R. Avant to A. M. Avant]
Letter from R. Avant to A. M. Avant. The letter concerns family business and real estate. It is written on Dillard & Avant letterhead and dated September 30, 1906.
[Miss Blanche Avant's Teaching Certificate]
Teaching Certificate belonging to Miss Blance Avant of Pleasanton, Texas. Signed the 25th day of June 1901.
[Poll Tax Receipt]
Poll tax receipt for $1.75 received from A.M. Avant on January 30, 1908 in Pleasanton, Texas.
Sheriff's Convention
Photograph of participants at a Sheriff's Convention in Lytle, Texas. Women and children look out from a window.
Sheriff's Posse in Atascosa County, Texas, 1903
Photograph of a Sheriff's posse in Atascosa County, Texas in 1903. The men stand with their rifles in hand, in front of the jail around their prisoner, the bandit "Gomez" who sits in a chair.