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The Gulf Coast of Texas, The Winter Vegetable Garden of America

Description: "The Gulf Coast of Texas" is a booklet published by the Passenger Traffic Department of the Rock Island-Frisco Lines. Chapters include: As to Texas,South Texas in General,What the Land is Like, Crops and Their Returns, Is South Texas a Citrus Region?, The Important Question of Markets, Some Specific Performances, The Question of Cost, The Question of Labor, As to Health and Comfort, Towns of the South Texas Coast, North of the Nueces and The Way to Southern Texas. Included ate two maps, one of the Texas coast and one of the Rock Island-Frisco Railroad Lines.
Date: 1906
Creator: Sebastian, John

[Photograph of a Horse and Boy]

Description: In this photograph, a boy is holding the lead rope on a large, black horse. The boy is wearing loose clothing and a cowboy hat; the horse is all black and only wearing a halter. Behind them, there is a long building made of brick with an open, wooden door. In the background to the left, there is a wooden fence. To the right of the photograph there appears to be a black chicken. In the front, there is a shadow of a second person. According to related information, they are at the Bogel ranch (San Esteban), the boy is a young Mexican worker and the horse is a purebred Purcheon stallion.
Date: c. 1906