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[Group Picture in a Field]

Description: This photograph shows a large group of people, of all ages, standing in a field of short grass. All of the people are fairly dressed up - the men are wearing suits and ties, the women are wearing blouses and skirts. All of the people are wearing hats or bonnets. In front of the people there are several long logs laying on the ground; a young boy is sitting on one of them in the left side of the photograph. There are some tall grasses or other plants visible behind the people. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "About 1902. Sun bonnets. Lee Evans."
Date: 1902~

[People Sitting Under a Tree]

Description: This photograph shows a group of people - both men and women of different ages - and they are standing under a large tree. The men are all wearing suits and hats; the women are wearing dresses and hats as well. The people in the front row are sitting in chairs and there are people standing in a second row behind them. The ground in front of them is covered in short grass and there is a small bush. In the background, there are some other trees. To the left, there appears to be a covered wagon, and to the far right, there is a white tent.
Date: c. 1902 - 1903