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Annaway DeVolin

Description: Photograph of Annaway DeVolin, school teacher at Horse Creek, Texas in 1921. She is seated outside. This photo was included in a research paper by Cynthia Lee Rogers for an American History class at Marfa High School.
Date: 1921

Blue Mountain

Description: This photograph shows a mountain in the distance. In the foreground, there appears to be the edge of an unpaved road and telephone wires up above. Between the road and the mountain, there is a flat area covered in desert scrub. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Blue Mountain west of Ft. Davis Tex. June 1929 by H. A. King."
Date: June 1929
Creator: King, H. A.

Brite Ranch Headquarters in the 1920s.

Description: Panoramic photograph from the 1920s of the Brite Ranch headquarters. This was a 125,000 acre ranch in Presidio County in West Texas. The photo shows (L-R): the main house, the barn, the shed, the fort, and the store. A group of unidentified people stand near the house. This photo was included in a report by Andrew Wells for an American History class at Marfa High School on January 13, 1975.
Date: 1920~

Burro "Mida Mora"

Description: Photograph of little Tommy Wells wearing a sombrero and sitting on a burro taken in 1927. The burro, named Mida Mora, was a blue mule captured from the bandits who raided the Brite Ranch in 1917. This burro served many years a a night horse, which was a horse left in the pen at night to gather other horses for use in the morning.
Date: 1927

[Byrd Orchard]

Description: This photograph shows a scenic view of the Byrd orchard. In the foreground, there are two fenced-in fields, the corner of one holds several grazing animals. Along the edge of the fence there are trees and what appears to be an irrigation ditch separating those fields from another field and the orchards. On the right of the photograph, there are several buildings, partially obscured by trees. To the left, there appears to be a slope coveered in desert trees and scrub and there are mountains in the background.
Date: 1924

First Border Patrol in Marfa

Description: Photograph of the first border patrol in Marfa, Texas. (L-R, top row): Peterson, Hunt, Dill, Jack Prather, Kyle, Pierson, and Daniel. (L-R, second row):Alvin Ogden, Jesse Hill, Earl Fallis, Jack Starkey. unknown, Baird, Brooks, Dorn, Jackson. (L-R, bottom row): Jack DeVolin, James, Metcalf, Joe Dill, C.C. Courtney (Chief), Shelly Barnes (Assistant Chief), Ware Hord, Emmet Hunter, and George Dennis.
Date: January 1928