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Blackwell School

Description: This image was scanned from the negative of the photograph. It shows the buildings of the Blackwell School in Marfa, Texas. In the foreground, the ground is bare dirt and the buildings are in the background. There are at least three different white buildings with many windows and doors. The building in the middle has the name of the school visible over the door. There are shrubs planted against the walls of the buildings. To the right, there is a flagpole (but no flag), a bare tree, and some other shrubs. A handwritten note on the back of the print says, "Blackwell School about 1940."
Date: 1940~

L.C. Brite

Description: Photograph of L.C. Brite. Beneath the photo reads, "L.C. Brite. B.C.B. Trustee, 1914-41; President, 1925-41; T.C.U. Trustee, 1912-41. 29 years." He has a mustache and wears a suit and tie.
Date: 1941~

[Cavalry at Bloys Campground]

Description: This photograph shows a large group of people. In the front, there are five people sitting on a bench at a low table covered in books and other objects. There is a man in a suit standing in front of them, holding a United States flag on a pole. Back behind, there are people in uniform standing, and others sitting on horseback in a loose semi-circle. In the middle of the photograph there is someone with a movie camera. In the background, there are some trees and what appear to be some mountains. In the bottom right corner, there is a signature that says, "Keith, Marfa." On the back of the photograph, there is a handwritten note that reads, "1944. Big Bend Cavalry, Bloys camp meeting grounds. George Jones commander, R. J. Bledsoe adjutant. Met at Bloys camp mtg. grounds. Joe Peeney standing near table."
Date: 1944~

[Highland Cows]

Description: Large enclosed wooden pen of Highland cows on the Crosson ranch. The cows accompanied their calves to town. The calves were shipped to feed lots while the cows were returned to the Crosson ranch.
Date: 1940~