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[Annual Century Club president's luncheon, late 1950s]

Description: An annual President's luncheon of the Marfa Century Culture Club. The attendees are sitting behind a long, decorated table. A centerpiece is prominent, and sits in the middle of the photograph. From left to right: Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Russell Thornsbury (President of the Chamber of Commerce), Mrs. H. L. Hord (incoming President), Mrs. M.T. Bennett (luncheon Chairman and Master of Ceremonies), Mrs. M.S. Baker (outgoing President), and Mrs. George Mimms.
Date: 1959~
Creator: Keith Studio

[The Century Culture Club of Marfa in 1959]

Description: Marfa Century Culture Club officers in 1959. The women are behind a large table decorated with flowers and snacks. They appear to be meeting in someone's home. From left to right: Mrs. Pat Godbold (First Vice-President), Mrs. Miller Robinson (President), Mrs. Mimms Sutton (Parliamentarian), Mrs. Gene Newman (Recording Secretary), Mrs. Herschel Adams (Club Counselor), Mrs. Kerr Mitchell (Corresponding Secretary), and Mrs. Morris Ledger (Treasurer).
Date: May 1959

Former Teacher Marks 16th Year as Paisano Secretary

Description: This article gives a brief biography of Jesse Blackwell, written when he was 81. It tells about his family, career as a techer, and his involvement with the Baptist church. The citation at the beginning says "Copy of article taken from the Saturday, July 26, 1952 El Paso Times by Patty McKenzie, Times Correspondent."
Date: July 26, 1952
Creator: McKenzie, Patty

[Fort Davis School Officials]

Description: In this photograph, there are three men, dressed formally in suits and ties. The man in the middles is wearing glasses and holding a cigarrette. The men are standing against what appear to be wooden shelves, drawers, and cabinets. According to related information, these men are (from left to right) George Moore, Richard D. Shwartz, and A. V. Chaffin, standing in a new Home Economics building. Moore is believed to be the superintendent of the Fort Davis High School, and Shwartz and Chaffin are believed to be school board members.
Date: October 11, 1951
Creator: Munger, Ray

[Four generations of Cabezuelas]

Description: January 1959 picture of Catalina Cabezuela, her daughter, her granddaughter, and her great-granddaughter (Melva Yvonne). The women are seated on a red couch. From left to right: Catalina Cabezuela, Catalina's daughter, Catalina's granddaughter, and Catalina's great-granddaughter.
Date: January 1959

[Home Economics Class]

Description: In this photograph, four young women in dresses are standing in a kitchen. The two girls on the right are holding towels. According to related information, the four girls are (left to right): Lillian Frank, Trudy Acton, Jeannette Schultea, and Shirley Neill who are the first Fort Davis High School students to use the new Home Economics building.
Date: October 11, 1951
Creator: Munger, Ray

[Portrait of Jessie Bogel]

Description: This photograph is a portrait of Jessie Bogel Hubbard when she is an older woman with gray-streaked hair. She is wearing a dark patterned dress, a small necklace, and glasses. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Mrs. Harry J. (Jessie Bogel) Hubbard, [...] c. 1950."
Date: 1950~

A Resumé of the Davis Mountain Federation of Women's Clubs

Description: Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School giving a detailed report of the first three years (1924-1927) of the organization known as the Davis Mountain Federation of Women's Clubs, an association that aimed to advance the civic and educational interests of the Big Bend District. Semi-annual meetings were held in auditoriums and homes across the Big Bend area to discuss the work to be undertaken, including the establishment of rural libraries and planting flowers and trees to beautify lawns.
Date: 1951