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[Information about Postcard of Sirlido Dominguez and His Family]
Information about a postcard of Sirlido Dominguez sitting in a chair with his family used in a research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about the Dominguez family.
[Photograph of Milliner's Model Dolls]
Photograph of two Milliner's model dolls from Teda W. Neill's collection on top of a wooden dresser. In the foreground is a doll with a white dress sitting in a chair, with a smaller unclothed doll in the background.
[Portrait of Pilar Bencomo]
Portrait of Pilar Bencomo, son of Mrs. Estanislauda Bencomo, wearing a suit and hat.
[Photograph of Cinderella and Abel Dominguez]
Photograph of Cinderella Dominguez in a black dress outdoors holding her infant son, Abel Dominguez.
[Photograph of an Old Man]
Photograph of an older man wearing white clothes and a hat and holding a cane.
[Portrait of Frank Duncan]
Portrait of Frank Duncan, mostly bald and with a white beard, wearing a grey suit.
[Portrait of Lilly Mae "Diddie" Drake]
Portrait of Lilly Mae "Diddie" Drake wearing a dark dress and a white flower in her hair, with plants and a window painted on the wall behind her.
[Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dominguez]
Photograph of Mr. Victor Dominguez holding a bicycle and standing next to his first wife, Mrs. Elodia Martinez Dominguez.
[Photograph of Road into Pinto Canyon]
Photograph of a road into Pinto Canyon which was built by James Edward Wilson.
[Photograph of Cliff Durham]
Photograph of Cliff Durham wearing a suit and standing in front of a car.
[Photograph of Gene Drake and His Aunts]
Photograph of a child, Gene Drake, standing next to three of his aunts, Lilly Mae "Diddie" Drake, Alphie Dunlap, and Doni Neeley, outside of a house.
Belle of the Ball
Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about a fictitious story explaining scenes, people, and events a young woman in the early 1900s might have experienced.
[Photograph of Mexican Canyon in Lajitas, Texas]
Photograph of Mexican Canyon on Allen and Crawford Ranch in Lajitas, Texas. Photo was taken by Frank Duncan and is copyrighted in 1918.
[Postcard of Butterfield's Overland Stagecoach]
Postcard of a stagecoach pulled by four horses on a dirt road in the desert. A printed note on the back of the postcard describes the photo, "West Texas - Butterfield's Overland Stage from San Antonio to El Paso is shown here in Wild Rose Pass in the heart of Apache Country between Ft. Stockton and Fort Davis, historic garrisons west of the Pecos."
[Photograph of a Wagon with Lumber]
Photograph of a wagon full of wood, pulled by a team of mules, with a man standing on the back of the wagon. A handwritten note on the back of the photo describes it as a wood freighter from "pre-automobile" years.
[Photograph of Young Girl]
Photograph of a young child, the daughter of Dawson and Annie Drake, wearing a plaid dress with her hair in pigtails and standing in a yard with trees and a house in the background and a hoe laying on the ground in front of her.
[Portrait of Kathleen Duncan]
Portrait of Kathleen Duncan, daughter of Frank Duncan, wearing formal clothing.
[Postcard of Chito Manriques in a Car]
Postcard of a man sitting in an old-fashioned car. A handwritten note on the back of the postcard states that the man is the brother of Juana Dawson, Chito Manriques. There is also a handwritten note in Spanish on the back of the postcard.
[Photograph of a Group of Cowboys]
Photograph of a group of men outdoors dressed as cowboys, wearing cowboy hats, and holding and drinking from cups in their hands. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph indicates that the photo was taken during a roundup of wild horses, and a numbered list of the names of the men is included that corresponds to numbers handwritten on the photo.
[Photograph of Becky Drake]
Photograph of Becky Drake as a baby, wearing a floral print dress and sitting on a blanket in front of a tree, with a car in the background.
[Portrait of James Edward Wilson]
Portrait of James Edward Wilson at eight years old, wearing a suit and bow tie and sitting on a tasseled chair.
Mrs. Pruett's Dollarama
Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about Mrs. Ida Mae Pruett's doll collection, consisting of 360 dolls of all sorts at the time this paper was written. The collection includes dolls of all sizes and shapes, styles and colors, and from different countries. This paper includes a small section on the process of making dolls, pieces of furniture Mrs. Pruett uses to display her dolls at her home, and the likeness of a number of dolls from Mrs. Pruett's collection.
[Portrait of Mrs. Dominguez and Her Sons]
Portrait of Mrs. Dominguez sitting on a chair and holding her son Eziquiel, with her other sons on either side of her, Felix on the left and Ben on the right.
[Photograph of a Man with Cars]
Photograph of a man wearing overalls and holding a hat with two cars in the background.
[Photograph of Juana Dawson at La Mora]
Photograph of Juana Dawson at a ranch called "La Mora," standing in a fenced yard next to four cows.
[Photograph of Drake Brothers on a Horse]
Photograph of Andrew and Barney Drake as children sitting on a horse in front of a house.
[Photograph of Rifles, Pistol, and Bugle]
Photograph of two 22 rifles, a pistol and holster, and a bugle laying on a flat surface. A handwritten note on the back of the photo states that they are from Mr. Stan Dempsey's collection.
[Photograph of Alfred Dominguez at Shutze's Restaurant]
Photograph of Alfred Dominguez, another man, and a young girl standing in Schutze's Restaurant. The restaurant has counters and shelves along one wall, a bar with stools along the other, and a seating area in the back.
[Photograph of Chimney Rock in Fresno Canyon]
Photograph of a man standing on a hill below a rock formation called "Chimney Rock" in Fresno Canyon, Texas.
[Photograph of the Drake Family Picking Cotton]
Photograph of 11 members of the Drake family standing in a cotton field while picking cotton. A car can be seen in the background, parked in the field
[Photograph of Dr. Joseph Darracott and Daughter]
Photograph of Dr. Joseph Darracott holding his infant daughter, Willie Jo Darracott, while standing outdoors in front of a wooden fence.
My Grandparent's Ancestry
Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about the author's grandmother's and grandfather's ancestry, Fransiscia (McIntire) Dominquez and Alex Dominquez, respectively.
[Photograph of Estella Dominguez]
Photograph of Estella Dominguez in a dark dress standing outside of a house.
Chon Dominquez
Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about Chon Dominguez, who made trips every week to Shafter, Texas, carrying tanks of oil for the usage of the mine machinery. Grammatical corrections are made in red ink, and the questions posed in red ink are answered or clarified in blue ink on the back of the preceding page.
[Photograph of Dutch Acton with an Eagle]
Photograph of Dutch Acton standing in front of a truck and holding an eagle with its wings outstretched. He roped and killed the eagle at Youngblood Ranch.
[Portrait of Manuela Dech]
Portrait of Manuela Dech wearing a white dress and looking to the left.
[Portrait of Hannah Wilson]
Portrait of Hannah Wilson wearing a dress and sitting on a tasseled chair.
[Photograph of Ida Mae Pruett with Her Dolls]
Photograph of Mrs. Ida Mae Pruett with some of the dolls from her collection. One doll in a red dress stands on the far left, four dolls in the middle are sitting at a table, and a small doll in a yellow dress stands on the far right. More dolls can be seen in the background and below the clear counter on which the dolls are placed.
[Photograph of Juan Dominguez and His Band]
Photograph of Juan Dominguez and three members of his band sitting on a bench on the side of a street with cars parked on the curb behind them. The instruments included in the band are a violin, guitar, trombone, and saxophone.
[Photograph of Marfa, Texas]
Photograph of Marfa, Texas, as seen from the middle of a main street, with shops and a hotel lining the street and cars parked in front of them, and a courthouse at the end of the street.
[Postcard of Cattle Ranchers]
Postcard of a group of men sitting and standing around a campfire near a vehicle, and two men sitting on horses, with a herd of cows in the background. On the back of the postcard is written: "Loaned - Eliz. Jennell Spence."
[Photograph of a Lake]
Photograph by Frank Duncan of a lake with mountains in the distance.
[Cartoon of the New Deal]
Cartoon depiction of the New Deal introduced during the Great Depression. Picture shows a mother pig with many teats and "Old Faithful, The Tax Payer" written on her. Behind her are seventeen piglets with acronyms written on them, including "AAA," "CC," and "FERA." At the bottom of the picture is the title: "A Small Part of the Brood."
[Portrait of Frank Duncan]
Portrait of Frank Duncan with a dark mustache and wearing a suit. A handwritten message on the back of the photo states that it is a "self made" portrait.
[Photograph of Military Troops Exercising]
Photograph of a large group of men wearing uniforms in formation and doing exercises, with men in military uniforms instructing them.
[Photograph of Coyote Hides]
Photograph of three coyote hides hanging from a stone wall on the exterior of a house, with a young boy sitting in front of them.
[Photograph of a Group of Men and Boys]
Photograph of a group of men and boys standing and sitting under a tree in front of a field. There is a blanket with food in front of them, and several men are holding instruments, including guitars and a banjo. George Dawson is identified by a handwritten arrow pointing to him.
[Photograph of Henry Daly]
Photograph of Henry Daly sitting on a chair reading a book, in a study with many types of furniture and decoration throughout the room. A bright light shines from the desk behind him, where a gramophone can also be seen.
Diedrick Dutchover and the Overland Mail Route
Research paper written for a history class at Marfa High School about the first San Antonio-El Paso mail run, which required thirty days to cover 673 miles by stage coach and heavily armed frontiersmen of ward off attacks. Diedrick Dutchover was one of the soldiers that accompanied the stage coaches on horseback to protect the mail carriers from threats.
[Research on the Great Depression in Marfa, Texas]
Paper answering the questions posed by Hallie Rey Roman's teacher to clarify a researcher paper she wrote for a history class at Marfa High School about the Great Depression, titled "Disastrous Depression of the 1930's." In another document, Hallie Roman's teacher formulated a number of questions to help improve her paper; these are Hallie Roman's corrections and/or clarifications in response.