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[Alpine Postcard]
Postcard of a view of Alpine, Texas. The photograph was taken from the top of a hill. The postcard is addressed to Maria R. Pena in El Paso, Texas. It is dated April 22, 1915.
Officer's Line, Fort Davis, Texas
In this photograph, there are about 10 buildings that appear to be identical, all in a line. A handwritten note on the front says "Officers Line" which suggests that the buildings are the houses of the officers and their families. Each house has a dark roof and five white pillars that form the rim of the porch. There are trees interspersed among the houses. In front of the buildings, there is a large area that is fenced in and contains several animals. Behind the houses, there is a rocky ridge covered in desert scrub and plants. This postcard was sent to "Mr. Frank Russell" in Marfa, Texas and the postmark is from Casa Piedra, Texas sent August 27, 1915. The text, handwritten in ink, reads: "Dear Frank:- This card re-calls memories of much a _happy_ day and each moon-light night that we have been riding & have wished that you were with us. Don't work too hard but come out here if you can. Lovingly, Mabel."
[Photograph of Millie Wilson]
Photograph of Millie Wilson wearing a white dress and hat and looking down at her hands while sitting on a rock underneath a tree.
[Photograph of O. C. and Millie Dowe's First Home]
Photograph of O. C. and Millie Dowd's first home on the George Sutherlin Ranch, as seen from across a field. A car and a horse can be seen in front of the house.
Thomas Acosta
Portrait of Tomas and Aliza Acosta on their wedding day in El Mulato, Mexico in 1915.
A.M. Avant and Charlie Crosson
Photograph of A.M. Avant (left) and Charlie Crosson of Marfa, Texas in July 1915. A map of Texas and a calendar hang on the wall.
[Jesus Cabezuela and his family in 1915]
Exterior picture of Jesus Cabezuela with his family in 1915. They are standing in front of a brick structure that has a saddle on wall, to the right. From left to right: Aurora Cabezuela, Jesus Cabezuela, Manuela Cabezuela, Jesus' wife, Consuelo, and Julia the babysitter.