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Jose and Guadelupe Chavarria with Cavalry Soldiers

Description: Photograph of cavalry soldiers near the U.S.- Mexico border, charged with keeping Pancho Villa out of the United States. In this photo two soldiers are trying to talk Jose Chavarria into selling them his horse in Ruidosa, Texas. His mother, Luisa looks on as she holds her one-year old grandson, Guadalupe. This photo was included in a research paper by Ernest Mediano for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1968.
Date: c. 1918

[Marfa, Texas 1918]

Description: In the foreground of this photograph, four people in cowboy hats sit in the shade of a tree. Behind them is what appears to be an unpaved main street of Marfa, circa 1918, with storefronts, telephone poles, and cars of the time period.
Date: [c. 1918]
Creator: Arnold's Art Studio

[Picture of a mother and daughter]

Description: In this photograph, a mother and daughter, both in long white dresses, are standing together in front of a brick wall and flowering plants. The mother has her arm around the daughter's shoulders. In the background, to the right, a partial stairway leading to an open door and the arm of another woman are visible, A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says "Genevieve Bogle - Mrs. W. W. Bogel daughter - mother about 1916."
Date: c. 1916

[Portrait of a Private]

Description: This photograph is a portrait of a young man (visible from the waist up) wearing the uniform of a private in World War I. The jacket of his uniform has pins on the collar and the buttons have an imprint on them. The uniform also includes a hat that has cords knotted around the brim. The photograph is mounted in a dark-colored frame which has a name handwritten on the back "Graves Bogel."
Date: [c. 1914 - 1918]

[Sarah Russell Bogel and her son]

Description: In this photograph, a woman and young boy are standing in the yard of a ranch. The woman is young and wearing a loose, white dress. The little boy is wearing a loose shirt with overalls and is petting two dark-colored dogs. They are standing directly in front of a large wooden wagon. In the background, there is a building made of brick, a large pile of wood and a fence and mountains in the distance. On the back of the photograph, a handwritten note reads, "Sarah Russell Bogel (Mrs. William Woodworth Bogel, Jr.) and William Woodworth Bogel III (Billy B.) at W. W. Bogel's Charco Larco Ranch circa 1913-14."
Date: [c. 1913]

[Five Military Men]

Description: Photograph of five military men sitting on wooden crates. From left to right, the men are Lieutenant F. S. Estill, Lieutenant R. H. Cooper, Rayma L. "Andy" Andrews, Lieutenant W. M. "Pinky" Amis, and Lieutenant W. F. Parkin. Parkin is holding two dogs. The photograph was taken during the search for Lts. Peterson and Davis, two Army pilots stranded in Mexico after their plane crash landed.
Date: September 1919

Brite Ranch Headquarters and Fort

Description: Photograph of the fort built by LC Brite after the Mexican raid on his ranch on Christmas Day in 1917. The Texas Rangers lived in the fort for several years after the raid. Behind the concrete fort are wooden buildings, fences, and a wooden wagon. This photo was included in a report by McMinn White for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1975.
Date: 1918~

Texas Rangers at the Brite Ranch

Description: Photograph of five Texas Rangers outside of the Brite Ranch near Marfa, Texas. L-R: Boone Oliphant, Lee Trimble, Clint Holden, Billie Duncan, and Jack Murdock. This photo was included in a report by McMinn White for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1975.
Date: 1918

Wedding Photo of Encarnacion and Jose Chavez in 1918

Description: Description of this photo from a paper by Londa Venegas written in January 1977 for a Marfa High School history class, "In this picture are my grandmother's parents, brothers, and sisters. From top left to right is: Maria, Jose and Encarnacion Chavez, Jose Jr. Center left to right: Manuela, my grandmother Francisca, her parents Jose and Thomasa, Teofila, Jose Inez. Bottom left to right: Sisto, Jesus, the baby is Paula, Sabina, and Pantalion Herrera. This picture was taken when my great aunt was married to Jose Chavez in 1918 in Casa Pierda."
Date: 1918

[Wedding photograph of Luis and Nieves Colomo]

Description: Nieves Marquez and Luis Colomo on their wedding day. Nieves is wearing a wedding dress created by her two sisters, Carlota and Dorotea Marquez. Both Nieves and Luis are standing. Nieves is to the left of Luis. Luis is wearing a suit with no tie. Nieves was sixteen in the photograph and Luis was twenty-one years of age.
Date: September 19, 1917

Jose Maria Chavez

Description: Description of a photo of Jose Maria Chavez from a paper written in 1966 for a Marfa High School history class by Mary Melendez reads, "The picture was taken in 1917. The person is Jose Maria Chavez. He was serving in the army when the picture was taken. He served during World War I. He was at that time married to Christina Magallenez. They were living in Marfa at that time. After he completed his military services he came home to Marfa where his wife was. They had four children to take care of and send to school. He was a cook by occupation and worked for ranchers around the Marfa area. With the money he earned he sent his children to school to learn to read and write. He always tried to give his family whatever they needed."
Date: 1917