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Barriers in Labor During the Depression

Description: Paper based on an interview with Johnnie Collie. The paper describes his family, his different jobs in a variety of places and his time in the U.S. Army. This paper was written for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1977 by Orlando Garcia.
Date: January 10, 1977
Creator: Garcia, Orlando

Ira Cline - Disciple of Law

Description: This is a research paper written by Pablo Alvarado for an American History Class at Marfa High School on December 13, 1972. It is a biography of Ira Cline, a man who worked in law enforcement most of his life in west Texas and Mexico.
Date: December 13, 1972
Creator: Alvarado, Pablo

Wizard or Witch

Description: Research paper written by Laurelle Patricia Dunsavage for an American History Class at Marfa High School on March 3, 1977. It is about different types of healers in the hispanic culture and has a section defining the different herbs and their uses in remedies. Samples of the actual herbs are included in this report.
Date: March 3, 1977
Creator: Dunsavage, Laurelle Patricia

Mrs. Carrasco

Description: This paper contains a biography of Paula Quiroz Carrasco. It discusses her family and her talent for knitting. This was a research paper by Silvino Ocon for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1977.
Date: January 10, 1977

The Crosson Family

Description: Paper written by Jon Polson for his history class at Marfa High School on January 29, 1978. It is about the family of George and Lizzie Crosson, two of the earliest settlers in west Texas. They arrived by covered wagon in 1866-1867. The started the Goat Mountain Ranch and had five children.
Date: January 29, 1978
Creator: Polson, Jon

[Wedding photograph of Luis and Nieves Colomo]

Description: Nieves Marquez and Luis Colomo on their wedding day. Nieves is wearing a wedding dress created by her two sisters, Carlota and Dorotea Marquez. Both Nieves and Luis are standing. Nieves is to the left of Luis. Luis is wearing a suit with no tie. Nieves was sixteen in the photograph and Luis was twenty-one years of age.
Date: September 19, 1917