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Celia Acosta on First Holy Communion
Photograph of Celia Acosta at age 7, dressed for her first Holy Communion. The photo was taken in Grandfalls, Texas on March 29, 1923. She wears a white dress with a crown and veil and holds a candle and a little book.
The Crosson Family
Paper written by Jon Polson for his history class at Marfa High School on January 29, 1978. It is about the family of George and Lizzie Crosson, two of the earliest settlers in west Texas. They arrived by covered wagon in 1866-1867. The started the Goat Mountain Ranch and had five children.
Out on a Summer Day
In this photograph, there are three people standing in front of a small palm tree on short grass. The man on the left is wearing a suit and tie and a straw hat; he is holding a cane in his right hand and has his left arm around the shoulders of the woman next to him. The woman is standing between the two men, wearing a white jacket, skirt and hat. The two people on the left are middle aged, but the man on the far right is older and has a moustache. He is also wearing a suit, a bowtie, and a straw hat. The men also have flowers pinned to their jackets. On the back of the photograph, there are some handwritten notes that say "Sunday - August 29. 1926, 'Out on a Summer Day!'" and also the names of the people, although they are not very clear; one appears to be "Aunt Linda" (?) and one that says "Papa Bogel."