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Pamphlet advertising real estate and agri-business in an "All American Colony in Mexico" called Atascador. Land was offered at $12.50 - 25 per acre.
Bernardo and Jenoveva Baeza
Photograph of Jenoveva and Bernardo Baeza.
Gregoria Baeza
Studio photograph of Gregoria Baeza. She wears a long dress and is standing next to a sculpture of a conquistador.
History of the Baeza Family
Research paper written by Bernardo Baeza about his ancestors in Mexico. This paper was written for an American History class at Marfa High School in December 1970.
Major James P. Yancy
Photograph of a portrait of Major James P. Yancy, commander of the 8th and 5th Cavalry. Yancy is standing with his hands behind his back and is in military uniform. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Major James P. Yancy, Commanding 8th & 5th Cavalry, Expedition into Mexico, August 19th - 24th, 1919. From Stacy C. Hinkle Files."
Marcello and Gregoria Campos
Photograph of Marcello and Gregoria Campos. This photo was included in a research paper by Herlinda Espinoza for an American History Class at Marfa High School in 1966.
[Pages on Presidio County History]
Copy photograph of two pages detailing Presidio County history and personages. Included are pictures of various military officers, including Lts. Paul H. Davis and H. G. Peterson, who were kidnapped for ransom after their plane crashed in Mexico. There is also a photograph of the Conchos River and two military men standing near an airplane.
[Photograph of Men Making Sotol]
Photograph taken in Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico in 1920. Mr. Nestor Baeza is on horseback and the other men are making sotol, a drink similar to tequilla. This was smuggled into the US during prohibition. Mountains are in the background.
[Photograph of O. C. Dowe]
Photograph of O. C. Dowe in Mexico sitting on a horse with a wagon in the background.
[Photograph of the Rio Grande Between Mexico and U.S.A.]
Photograph of the Rio Grande, with the far river bank labeled "Mexico" and the bank from which the photo was taken labeled "U.S.A."
The Relation Between Love and Baeza
Research paper written by Christy Baeza about her ancestors in Mexico. It covers the interesting story about the birth and life of Manuela Baeza. It includes family trees for the Baeza family and the Love family. This paper was written for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1975.
[Rio Conchos Area of Mexico]
Copy photograph of a hand-drawn map. A handwritten note on the map says, "Rio Conchos area of Mexico as of 1919, When Lts. Peterson & Davis, U. S. Flyers flew up wrong river, at #1, and made a forced landing at #2. Near #3, Mexican bandits made them prisoners, takened [sic] to #4, then by trails through the mountains to #5 area where Capt. Matlack rescued both flyers, but only paid half of ransom. Areas near #6, #7 & #8 were involved in the cavalry expedition in Mexico after the flyers' rescue. Map by W. D. Smithers."
San Jose Baeza Hernandez
Photograph of San Jose Baeza Hernandez, born on May 19,1842 in El Muato.
[Sketch Showing Patrol of Troop A, 5th Cavalry]
Photograph of a hand-drawn map. A note written on the map says, "Sketch showing approximate relative positions of points covered by Patrol of 10 men of Troop A, 5th Cavalry, August 20-22, 1919." The map shows the Texas border with Mexico. On the Texas side is Presidio County, including border towns Candelaria, Ruidosa and San Jose.
[Stone House]
Photograph of a small stone house. There is a propane tank in the background, as well as other small buildings.
[U. S. Army Airplane Arriving at a Village in Mexico]
Photograph of a United States Army airplane on the ground in a village in Mexico. Five men stand around the plane. They are in military uniform. A handwritten note on the photograph says, "U. S. Army Airplane arriving at a villiage [sic] in Mexico."