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Deed of Trust
Photograph of the Deed of Trust from M.D. Bryant's first business venture.
Ethel Brant holding baby Doug
Photograph of Ethel Bryant holding her baby, Doug. She is standing in an oil field in Eldorado, Arkansas where Rogers #1 was located.
Fire at Rogers #1 Oil Well
A view of the Rogers #1 fire at a distance of 70 feet from the flames. The fire burned for 9 days before being extinguished on March 20, 1921 in Eldorado, Arkansas. This photo was included in a research paper by Mike Shurley for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1968.
[First human flag in Hot Springs, Arkansas State Fair]
Portrait of the first human flag formed in honor of Theodore Roosevelt. Taken at the Arkansas State Fair in 1910.
[Frank Edward Coffield in uniform]
Portrait of Frank Edward Coffield in uniform, circa 1900s.
[Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt riding in car]
Photograph of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt in Arkansas parade, riding in a large convertible automobile. The Roosevelts are in the back seat and two men are flanking the right and left of their car. A third man is sitting between the President and Eleanor Roosevelt. A fourth man is in the seat right in front of the President and Elanor Roosevelt, and a fifth man has his back to the camera and is entering the driver's side of the automobile.
[India Coffield and Frank Coffield in 1922]
Photograph of India Coffield and Frank Edward Coffield on their wedding day. India is holding a flower bouquet and Frank is standing on her right. They are both outside, and a small home is behind them.
[India Coffield and Frank Ericson Coffield in 1931]
Photograph of Frank Ericson Coffield and India Coffield taken right before the Coffields nearly lost Frank Ericson to lymphatic leukemia.
[India Coffield as an infant]
First photograph of India Coffield as an infant. She is wearing a white, lacy dress.
[India Coffield's plantation home in 1906]
Photograph of India Coffield's plantation home in 1906, after a tornado struck the home. The home was ultimately destroyed by fire in 1912.
India: It's Been a Miracle
Paper documenting the life and experiences of India Coffield, wife of Frank Edward Coffield.
M.D. Bryanr and a Roughneck Friend
Photograph of M.D. Bryant (L) and a roughneck friend standing near an oil rig in Eldorado, Arkansas in 1921. This photo was included in a research paper by Mike Shurley for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1968.
Map of Texas Showing Rock Island-Frisco Lones and Connections
Map of Texas that is included in the booklet, Texas A Southwest Empire published by the Rock Island-Frisco Lines and Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad in 1909. It shows the Rock Island-Frisco railroad lines and connections in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico.
[Photograph of China and Bisque Dolls]
Photograph of seven tiny china and bisque dolls at the foot of a bed with a large, ornate wooden headboard. According to the handwritten note on the back of the photo, the bed and dolls were purchased by Teda W. Neill at the same auction in De Queen, Arkansas.
Rogers #1 after Lightening Struck
Photograph of the oil well Named Rogers #1 after it had been struck by lightening on March 11, 1921. The photo was taken at night showing a large plume of fire rising from the well. This photo was included in a research paper by Mike Shurley for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1968.
Rogers #1 Fire Under Control
Photograph of the Rogers #1 oil well as the fire is brought under control. Note the steam boilers which are around the well that were used to extinguish the fire/