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[Early cowhands]

Description: Two men are standing over a bound steer, and one man is squatting beside it. The squatting man is facing the camera. The man on the far left is L.D. Bunton and the man in the center is O.M. Bunton. The third man is watching the steer.
Date: 1900~

Ethel's Lock of Hair

Description: Photograph of a page from the Christian family Bible. It shows a lock of Ethel's hair and has this written on it, "This is the first piece of hair that was cut off of little Ethel C.C. Christian's head. Allie wrote it after April 23 1900" This photo was included in a research paper by Mike Shurley for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1968.
Date: 1900~

[Group of People Around a Table]

Description: This photograph shows a group of people under a roof that appears to be brush on a wooden frame. The people in the front of the picture are sitting on wooden benches, facing away, toward what is most likely a table. To the far right, there is an older man sitting in a wooden chair. The men are wearing suits and the women are wearing dresses and large hats. In the distance, to the left, there are some trees. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "Eating shed, 1900."
Date: 1900~

[Group of Tents Under a Tree]

Description: This photograph shows a group of at least four white tents in a field filled with short grass and bushes. Directly in front of the tents is a wire fence with wooden posts. Behind the tents, there is a large tree to the right, with a roof on posts over a group of people. To the left of the people, there is a covered wagon partially visible and possibly a second wagon to the far left of the photograph. In the distance, there are more trees and mountains. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "Tents, chuck box, and cook, covered arbor to shade eating area. About 1900."
Date: 1900~

[Group Picture in a Field]

Description: This photograph shows a large group of people, of all ages, standing in a field of short grass. All of the people are fairly dressed up - the men are wearing suits and ties, the women are wearing blouses and skirts. All of the people are wearing hats or bonnets. In front of the people there are several long logs laying on the ground; a young boy is sitting on one of them in the left side of the photograph. There are some tall grasses or other plants visible behind the people. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads, "About 1902. Sun bonnets. Lee Evans."
Date: 1902~

The Gulf Coast of Texas, The Winter Vegetable Garden of America

Description: "The Gulf Coast of Texas" is a booklet published by the Passenger Traffic Department of the Rock Island-Frisco Lines. Chapters include: As to Texas,South Texas in General,What the Land is Like, Crops and Their Returns, Is South Texas a Citrus Region?, The Important Question of Markets, Some Specific Performances, The Question of Cost, The Question of Labor, As to Health and Comfort, Towns of the South Texas Coast, North of the Nueces and The Way to Southern Texas. Included ate two maps, one of the Texas coast and one of the Rock Island-Frisco Railroad Lines.
Date: 1906
Creator: Sebastian, John

Lady and burro colt

Description: This photograph is a picture of a young woman (Sarah Janes) wearing a white dress holidng a small, dark burro colt in her arms. In the background, there appears to be an unpaved road and several buildings, at least one of which is the Janes' house. On the back of the photograph, there is a typed note that says "Lady and burro colt" and also a handwritten note that says, "The lady's baby burro Taking care of their stock." Additionally there is a stamp that with the name "Barry Scobee" and "Fort Davis, Texas."
Date: 1900~

Lucia Carrasco at age 26

Description: Photograph of Lucia Carrasco at age 26, in 1909. Her hair combed up with a flower in it and she wears a white blouse and dark skirt. This photo was included in a research paper by James Pena-Alfano for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1966.
Date: 1909