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Lady and burro colt

Description: This photograph is a picture of a young woman (Sarah Janes) wearing a white dress holidng a small, dark burro colt in her arms. In the background, there appears to be an unpaved road and several buildings, at least one of which is the Janes' house. On the back of the photograph, there is a typed note that says "Lady and burro colt" and also a handwritten note that says, "The lady's baby burro Taking care of their stock." Additionally there is a stamp that with the name "Barry Scobee" and "Fort Davis, Texas."
Date: 1900~

Lucia Carrasco at age 26

Description: Photograph of Lucia Carrasco at age 26, in 1909. Her hair combed up with a flower in it and she wears a white blouse and dark skirt. This photo was included in a research paper by James Pena-Alfano for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1966.
Date: 1909

[Main Street of Alpine]

Description: Postcard of Main Street in Alpine, Texas, in 1909. The road is unpaved. There are several stores and horse-drawn vehicles along the road. Text below the photograph says, "Alpine, Texas. Published by The Palace Pharmacy." The card is addressed to Byron Avant in San Antonio, Texas.
Date: 1909

[Marfa's Private School, 1905]

Description: Photograph of school children in April 1905. They are outside the school building in Marfa, Texas. The teachers, Elena Lopez and her sister Fe Lopez, stand in the doorway. Written on the blackboard in the photo, "Marfa's Private School, April 6, 1905"
Date: April 6, 1905

[People Sitting Under a Tree]

Description: This photograph shows a group of people - both men and women of different ages - and they are standing under a large tree. The men are all wearing suits and hats; the women are wearing dresses and hats as well. The people in the front row are sitting in chairs and there are people standing in a second row behind them. The ground in front of them is covered in short grass and there is a small bush. In the background, there are some other trees. To the left, there appears to be a covered wagon, and to the far right, there is a white tent.
Date: c. 1902 - 1903

[People Standing Near Covered Wagons]

Description: This photograph shows many people standing near a group of covered wagons parked in the right of the photograph. In the front, there are several men, some wearing suits and others loose clothing and cowboy hats; some of the men are wearing aprons. There is a hose leading from the back of the wagon in the front of the photograph. To the right, one of the wagons has a wooden platform extended like a table and one man seems to be eating off of it and there is a barrel in the middle of the photograph. In the background, there are more people, many under a large tree at the left. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says, "About 1905-10. Chuck boxes. Water was brought for drinking and cooking from a near-by ranch. Siphoned out from barrels in wagon. One of the cooks eating a rib."
Date: 1905~