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[Portrait of a Couple with Three Children]

Description: Photograph of a family positing in front of a painted backdrop. A woman wearing a ruffled top and dark skirt stands to the left and holds a toddler wearing a white dress. A young child wearing a white dress sits on a stool to the left. A man mustached man wearing a dark suit sits in the middle. A young boy wearing a dark jacket and shorts stands beside his father. The backdrop is painted to resemble a window and curtain.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hermitage Portrait Co.

[Portrait of a Man with a Moustache]

Description: Photograph of a mustachioed man standing in front of a painted backdrop. He wears a dark suit, has his right leg crossed over the left, and leans against a small end table. The backdrop is painted to resemble a staircase landing with rectangular columns framing a a window behind the man.
Date: unknown
Creator: Price, J. C.

[Portrait of a Middle Aged Couple]

Description: Photograph of a middle aged couple together in front of a painted backdrop. The man on the left has a large white beard and wears a dark jacket, vest, and bow tie. The woman on the right has her hair pulled back. She wears a linen ruffle around her neck and a dark embroidered dress.
Date: unknown
Creator: Clogenson, Henry

[Postcard of Baker Hotel]

Description: Postcard depicting the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. Text on the back of the postcard reads: "450 rooms - all air conditioned, beautiful lobby, colorful gardens, crystal clear swimming pool, restful relaxing health-building baths and massage, world famous mineral waters, home of Texas' fabulous Brazos Club."
Date: unknown