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[Lower Valley School Class Photograph]

Description: Photograph of the Lower Valley School students posing for a class picture. They are arranged in three rows with the teacher and girls seated on a bench in the middle row and the boys standing behind or sitting on the ground in the front. They are posed outside, in front of a building. The young girl with the dark curls, sitting next to the teacher (center of the photograph) is identified as Laura Kopplin.
Date: May 20, 1921

[Lower Valley School Students]

Description: Photograph of Amalia Kuhn Dippel's class at Lower Valley School. In the top row, from left to right, are Erma Prochnow, unknown, Willie Kopplin, Hilda Zuercher, Mrs. Amalia Kuhn Dippel, Lora Pfannstiel, Bruno Haecker and Elton Zuercher. In the middle row are Laura Kopplin, Linda Haecker, Anita Pfannstiel, Herrena Klug, Vivian Vardenbaum, Edna Schulz, Tasca Reiley, Irene Stolte and Louise Vardenbaum. In the front row are Herman Haecker, unknown, Elmont Bornemann, Elber Grobe, George Krueger, Oscar Schulz and Raymond Klug.
Date: 1921~

Souvenir At Close of School

Description: Booklet containing poems (including "Bring Back My School Days to Me") and two pages noting the school, teacher, school officers, and pupils. Souvenir is from "Lower Valley School, District No. 33, Cibolo, Guadalupe County, Texas, May 20, 1921."
Date: May 20, 1921
Creator: Lower Valley School