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[School Play]

Description: Photograph of a school play in the teacherage building at Lower Valley School. Seven students are sitting on a couch. From left to right they are Harvey Seiler, Sylvia Seiler, Roland Mueller, Naomi Faye Snoddy, Verna Lee Gerth, Alfred Seiler, Jr. and Lorraine Bornemann. Sitting nearby, in blackface, are Margie Katt and Vernell Schmoekel.
Date: 1952

[Students In Lines]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students lined up in front of the school building. The students are divided by age into two lines. The younger children are lined up in the foreground, while the older students are lined up on the other side of the building.
Date: unknown

[Lower Valley School Students]

Description: Photograph of Mrs. Benbow with her students at Lower Valley School. In the top row, from left to right, are Virginia Klug, Estella Koenig, Agnes Weir, Annie Haecker, Norma Haecker, Mrs. Benbow, Johnnie Weir, Rober Weir, Lenora Zurcher, Celestine Schul and Hugo Brehm. In the bottom row are Irene Martinez, Helmuth Koenig, Gladys Haecker, Udo Schmoekel, Daniel Lambrecht, Calvin Weir, Johnny Meek, Elsa Zurcher and Lillian Bornemann.
Date: 1931~

[Cast of Play]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students in costume for an end of school year play. The play is "He Couldn't Take It." They are sitting on couches and chairs on the porch of the teacherage building.
Date: 1943~

[School Play]

Description: Photograph of students sitting on the porch of the teacherage during a school play. The children are sitting in several rows. The porch is decorated as the interior of a house. The porch was used as a stage for plays.
Date: 1954

[Girls' Volleyball Team]

Description: Photograph of the Lower Valley School girls' volleyball team. The students are wearing uniforms of white, collared shirts and red shorts. There is a volleyball on the ground at their feet. They are standing outside the schoolhouse.
Date: October 1952

[Three Little Mothers]

Description: Photograph of three Lower Valley School students in costume for the play, Three Little Mothers. The girls are wearing long skirts with white blouses and matching bonnets. They are holding baby dolls. Each has a stroller. In the background is a garden and road.
Date: May 22, 1953

[Students Holding Tractor Maintenance Kits]

Description: Photograph of eleven male Lower Valley School students holding 4-H Live-Power Kit for first year tractor maintenance. The first boy in the front row is Larry Baumann, the second boy in the middle row is Andrew Friesenhahn and the third boy in the back row is Harvey Seiler. Next to him is Mr. Lutrell Watts.
Date: unknown

[Certificate of Promotion]

Description: Certificate of Promotion presented to Dorothy Anna Katt for promotion from elementary school to high school. There is a gold, metallic sticker in the upper right corner. The certificate is signed by Lower Valley School teachers Maxine and Lutrell Watts, as well as Max Weinert and Richard H. Wiederstein.
Date: May 20, 1949

[Lower Valley School Students]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students with teacher H. C. Lewis. In the top row from left to right are Dorothy Stamper, Evelyn Stolte, Bobby Weir, H. C. Lewis, Johnny Weir, unknown, unknown and Helmke (no first name given). Udo Schmoekel, Helmuth Koenig, Gladis Haecker, Daniel Lambrecht, Calvin Weir and Stella K.
Date: 1936