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[School Play]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students taken after a play on the porch of the teacherage building. In the top row, from left, are Andrew Friesenhahn, Harry Seiler, Paul Gleitz, unknown and LeeJay Baumann. In the bottom row are Glenda, Linda Carr, Vernell Schmoekel, Margie Katt, Sylvia Katt and Viola Mae (Bootsy) Katt.
Date: 1953~

[Students at Picnic]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students eating outside near a school bus. All the students are boys. They are holding paper plates and sitting on the ground. The school building can be seen in the background.
Date: unknown

[Students by Bus]

Description: Photograph of four Lower Valley School students standing in front of a Lower Valley School bus. The students, two boys and two girls, are holding what appear to be bowling pins painted as clowns. They could also be Russian nesting dolls.
Date: 1950~

[Students On Playground]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students on a merry-go-round on the school playground. They are with their teacher, Mrs. Maxine Watts. She is sitting next to her dog, Spotty. Next to Spotty is Larry Baumann. In the background is the school building.
Date: unknown

[Students on Playground]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley Students with teacher Maxine Watts on the playground merry-go-round. The Watts' dog, Spotty, is sitting next to Maxine Watts. The girl next to Watts is Melva Kaye Snoddy. The girl in the blue and orange dress on the left is Nancy Gleitz.
Date: 1953~

[Three Little Mothers]

Description: Photograph of three Lower Valley School students in costume for the play, Three Little Mothers. The girls are wearing long skirts with white blouses and matching bonnets. They are holding baby dolls. Each has a stroller. In the background is a garden and road.
Date: May 22, 1953

[Two Sisters]

Description: Photograph of Naomi Faye Snoddy with her sister Melva Kaye Snoddy in the yard of Maxine and Lutrell Watts' house at Lower Valley School. Naomi Faye Snoddy is wearing a white collard shirt and red shorts, the girls' volleyball uniform. Behind the girls are flowers and a road.
Date: 1953

[Two Students With Dog]

Description: Photograph of two Lower Valley School students standing next to a dog in a wagon. The girl is wearing a white blouse with a gray skirt. The boy is wearing a tuxedo with a red shirt and top hat. The wagon is decorated with pink and blue crepe paper.
Date: May 22, 1953