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[Five Women]

Description: Photograph of Linda Katt, Louise Wiederstein, Lucille Wiederstein, Jeanne Maurie Widerstein, Sylvia Katt and Margie Katt posing in a garden. Jeanne Maurie Widerstein, the little girl, is sitting on a post made of stones.
Date: 1952

[Girls' Volleyball Team]

Description: Photograph of the Lower Valley School girls' volleyball team. The students are wearing uniforms of white, collared shirts and red shorts. There is a volleyball on the ground at their feet. They are standing outside the schoolhouse.
Date: October 1952

[Halloween Party]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students at a Halloween party outside the school building. One student, a boy, is blindfolded and is pinning a "tail" next to a picture of a witch and black cat. Maxine Watts, the teacher, and another adult woman stand with the other children.
Date: October 31, 1941

[Halloween Party]

Description: Photograph of Lower Valley School students playing "Pin The Tail On The Witch," at a Halloween party. A girl in a blindfold is standing at the picture of the witch, which is pinned to the wall of a building. An older woman is standing next to her. Several small children watch.
Date: October 31, 1941

[Hand Pitch Softball Team]

Description: Photograph of the Lower Valley School hand pitch softball team. In the top row are Cecelia Mueller Padalecki, Naomi Faye Snoddy Blacklock, Dorothy Katt Attkisson, Roland Mueller and Eduardo Arizpe. In the second row are Vernell Schmaekel, Marilyn Friesenhahn, Marlene Schmaekel DeWinne Friesenhahn and Oliver Grabe, Jr. In the front row are Verna Lee Gerth Beautnagel, Sylvia Katt Seiler, Margie Katt McCoy, Alfred Seiler and Harvey Seiler.
Date: unknown

[Katt Family At School]

Description: Photograph of the Katt family with Maxine Watts outside Lower Valley School. From left to right are Maxine Watts, Alma Katt, Linda Haecker Katt, Sylvia Katt, Arthur Katt, Dorothy Katt and Viola Katt. Alma Katt is the grandmother of Dorothy, Sylvia and Viola, and Linda and Arthur Katt are their parents. They are standing outside the teacherage building.
Date: 1951

[Lower Valley School Baseball Team]

Description: Photograph of a Lower Valley School baseball team. They are posed in two rows in front of Mr. and Mrs. Watts' house. Immediately behind them is a dark-colored automobile. In the back row, from left to right, are unknown, Alfred Seiler, Oliver Grobe, Jr., Roland Mueller, Dorothy Katt, Francis Stapper, Marlene Schmoekel, Naomi Faye Snoddy and Vernell Schmoekel. In the front row are unknown, Harvey Seiler, Margie Katt, Sylvia Katt and Verna Lee Gerth.
Date: 1950