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[Caddo Indian documents, 1841-1856]

Description: Documents detailing some relations with the Caddo Indians. The first document is a certified copy stating that Jose Maria is Chief of the Anadacos and attests to his good conduct, signed by Jesse Stern, March 27, 1852. The second document certifies that the foregoing page is a true copy and translation. The third document, dated May 11, 1841, is the commission of Col. Coyote signed by Gen. Mariano Arista placing Coyote in charge of Caddo troops against the "ursurpers of Texas." The fourth document is dated September 26, 1853 by G.W. Hill, Special Agent for Texas Indians, appointing Ti-nah Chief of the Caddo. The fifth document, dated June 29, 1856, affirms the good conduct of Ti-nah.
Date: unknown

[Documents relating to the Texas Cherokees]

Description: Certified copy of a Cherokee Indian Treaty obtained for legal action in the late nineteenth century. The first document is a certified copy of the 1835 treaty obtained by Sam Houston and John Forbes. Also included are various power of attorneys from W.P. Adair, C.N. Vann, J. Elliot Condict, and John C. Fremont. There is also a signed power of attorney executed by the Chief representatives of the Cherokee Indian Nation in Indian Territory.
Date: unknown

[Letter from I. G. Vore to J. W. Denver, April 29, 1884]

Description: Letter from I. G. Vore to General J. W. Denver in Washington D.C. In matter of relations between Absentee Shawnee and Potawatomi Indians, their removal to Kansas on thirty-square mile tract in Indian Territory, and the Potawatomi to purchase 160 acres for each head of family and Shawnee to have theirs as a gift.
Date: April 29, 1884
Creator: Vore, I. G.

[Letter from I. G. Vore to J. W. Denver, November 16, 1882]

Description: Letter from I. G. Vore to General J. W. Denver in Washington D.C. regarding Potawatomi Indians contacting Vore about their land claims - spoilations and railway interests around Chicago and in Kansas. Vore has claims for losses of Shawnees amounting to $360,000, the Otoe Indians want their matters with the government handled, and the Osages have the largest interests.
Date: November 16, 1882
Creator: Vore, I. G.
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