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Loblolly Index of Publications 1973-1995

Description: Book with an index compiled of publications created from 1973 to 1995. Each page has a continuous table with three columns: "Name, Page, Issue."
Date: {1973..1995}
Creator: Kennedy, Brad

Fighting Men of the Indian Wars: A Biographical Encyclopedia of the Mountain Men, Soldiers, Cowboys, and Pioneers Who Took Up Arms During America's Westward Expansion

Description: This book "is a compendium of America's Indian Wars and the mountain men, soldiers, cowboys and pioneers who took part in them" (dust-jacket). It includes information about all the major American Indian battles, the lives of notable men who fought in the battles, and the combat techniques employed. The index begins on page 247.
Date: 1991
Creator: O'Neal, Bill

The Loblolly Cookbook

Description: Cookbook compiled by students at Gary High School from recipes contributed by community members in Gary, Texas. It is broken into several categories: main dishes, soups and salads, side orders, breads, sauces and gravy, wild fruits and vegetables, beverages, and desserts; a "special section" at the end includes historical notes and stories from the contributors.
Date: February 1996
Creator: McAlister, Karen Whiteside

Loblolly Book of Baseball

Description: Book containing biographical sketches of famous baseball players from Panola County, Texas: Don Clinton, Victor Frasier, Jacke Davis, Bob Allen, Douglas Ault, Jonathan Perlman, David Lowery, Robert Ellis, Tom Harkrider, Mark Brandenburg, Todd Haney, J.J. Munoz, and Kip Harkrider.
Date: March 1997
Creator: King, Lincoln & Hazelwood, Beth

Loblolly Looks at Panola County

Description: Book looking at Panola County over a long period of time with each section showing the cover of a different issue from Loblolly; each section contains a picture of the issue cover and description of its contents. The pages after the photograph further describes the contents of that particular volume. Also included are maps of the county showing its transformation over the decades.
Date: 1998?
Creator: King, Lincoln; McGarity, Sierra & Downing, Cassie

Loblolly Salutes: "Their Finest Hour," Combat Veterans of World War II

Description: Book recounting various World War II veterans' memories from fighting the war. Each chapter contains an interview with one of the veterans and shows a question and answer dialogue between the student and veteran. Also included are some printings of sections from veterans' diaries.
Date: 2000
Creator: King, Lincoln; Downing, Cassie & McGarity, Fiona