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[Airplane Above Field]

Description: Postcard of a cavalry soldier standing in a field looking up at an airplane flying overhead. On the left two other men are on looking on from what appears to be a large wagon and a cart, trees, and shrubs can be seen in the background. A handwritten note on the front of the postcard reads "Mail Bag Dropping Mail For 14th Cav." and has an arrow pointing to a bag of mail falling from the airplane in the distance.
Date: 1915~

[Airplane Above Troops]

Description: Postcard of an airplane flying above a group of unidentified cavalry soldiers on horseback, who are facing away from the camera towards the plane. The pilot appears to be waving to the men below and two men on the left are carrying large poles. A handwritten note on the front of the postcard reads "Dropping A Message For The Troops."
Date: 1915~

[Airplane in a Field]

Description: Postcard of an airplane with its nose stuck in the ground in a field with a horse in front of it and two unidentified boys standing on the right. A text on the front of the postcard reads "At Encinal, Tex. Result of Landing In Soft Ground. Capt. Lewis, 14th Cav. Was A Passenger When It Upset."
Date: 1915~

[Anthony E. Hannema Press Clipping]

Description: Photograph of Anthony E. Hannema, an older man wearing a dark suit and tie. Underneath his picture is a caption that reads "Burgomeister - Here is Anthony E. Hannema, mayor of Harlinge, Holland, who is a special guest for the Valley Mid-Winter Fair and dedication of Lon C. Hill Park at Harlingen. - All Valley Staff Photo." Above the picture is a header that reads "All Valley Evening News Thurs., Nov. 16, 1950."
Date: 1950

[Bench and trees]

Description: Photograph of a yard or park including a bench under a tree in the foreground, a number of trees, and an unidentified building that is partially visible in the background on the right side of the image. A person is standing near the building in the center of the image.
Date: unknown

[Brownsville, Texas]

Description: Postcard of Brownsville, Texas in 1904. On the left side of the image buildings line a street with trees lining the right. Horse drawn carriages are visible on the street. Handwritten text on back reads "Brownsville, 1904".
Date: 1904

[Buildings in Corpus Christi]

Description: Photograph of several large multi-story buildings taken from an elevated street. In the foreground two unidentified people are standing in front of a short concrete wall with two street lamps on it next to what appear to be a set steps that lead down to the street below. Behind them several storefronts and a city street are visible with more buildings and telephone poles in the background. A handwritten note on the front of the photograph reads "Corpus Christi, Tex."
Date: 1915~

[Cabbage field]

Description: Copy negative of an unidentified man standing in a row of cabbage, in a large field of plants. The man is wearing a light-colored shirt with a tie, dark-colored pants, and a hat, and he is looking at a head of cabbage that he is holding. Several buildings are visible in the background on the left side of the image. The original print is pinned to a background with push-pins.
Date: unknown