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[Aerial View of Saint Mary Hospital]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of Saint Mary Hospital on 3600 Gates Boulevard. There are several buildings connected by smaller covered walkways. Fields surround the hospital, and there is a football field behind it.
Date: January 20, 1949
Creator: Everett, James
Item Type: Photograph

[Girls Recreation Association]

Description: Photograph of the Thomas Jefferson High School Girls Recreation Association. The girls are wearing light colored uniforms, and are posing in five rows on a flight of stairs. In the background, there is a building with three sets of double doors.
Date: 1949
Item Type: Photograph

[Old and New Fire Trucks]

Description: Photograph of two fire trucks; a 1916 American LaFrance, sixty-five foot aerial and a 1948 American LaFrance, eighty-five foot aerial. A man identified as Dave Montgomery is sitting in the driver's seat of the older truck. A man identified as Alvin Montgomery is sitting in the back of the older truck, and has both hands on a tiller wheel. The ladder is raised on the newer truck. In the background, there are buildings.
Date: 1949
Creator: Moon Photographic Service
Item Type: Photograph