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[Downtown Port Arthur Stores]

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of Dollar Department Stores in downtown Port Arthur on the 500 block of Procter Street. There are several signs on the front glass of the store, and text on the front of the building says "Dollar Department Stores." In front of the building, there are people walking on a sidewalk and cars are parked in a row. Other businesses are on each side of the store.
Date: 1956

[Port Arthur News Pressroom]

Description: Photograph of a man identified as John P. Cillessen, a foreman for Port Arthur News, standing beside a printing machine in the press room. He is pushing a button on the machine, and looking towards the newspapers on the top of it.
Date: 1956
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[Salem's Used Car Lot]

Description: Photograph of Salem's Used Car Lot on 1100 Procter Street. Several cars are parked along a corner of the lot. Signs in the corner of the lot say "Salem's Guaranteed Cars" and "Salem's Dependable Cars." Behind the cars, there is a building with a sign that says "Salem Motor Co." In the background, there is a car on the road.
Date: 1956