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[Flooded Streets]

Description: Photograph of a flooded street resulting from Hurricane Audrey. A man riding a horse is in the middle of the street. On the left side of the photograph, there is a building with signs that say "Stilwell Service Station" and "Official Tire Inspection Here." In the background, there are other people wading through the water.
Date: June 27, 1957
Item Type: Photograph

The Lance, Yearbook of Sacred Heart High School, 1957

Description: Yearbook for Sacred Heart Catholic High School in Port Arthur, Texas includes photographs of and information about the school, student body, teachers, and organizations. Class photos are also included for elementary grades.
Date: 1957
Creator: Sacred Heart High School
Item Type: Yearbook

[Pleasure Island Damage]

Description: Photograph of damage at Pleasure Island resulting from Hurricane Audrey. In the foreground, there are overturned amusement rides and an overturned chair. In the background, there is a Ferris wheel and a closed concession stand. Handwritten text below the photograph says "Hurricane Audrey June 1957."
Date: June 27, 1957
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography
Item Type: Photograph