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[Menhaden Fish Plant]

Description: Photograph of the Menhaden Fish Plant in Port Arthur, TX. The plant is a grouping of buildings, dominated by a long structure to the left of the rest. An area for storage of raw building materials is to the right. Four fishing boats are docked in the Sabine-Neches Canal adjacent to the plant.
Date: unknown
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[Gates Day Memorial Celebration]

Description: Photograph of a memorial celebration in memory of John W. Gates in Port Arthur, TX. A large crowd is milling around a large open park near a building. In the middle of the park is a small gazebo. People are in the gazebo seated. Many of the people are carrying umbrellas.
Date: unknown

[Port Arthur National Guard Band]

Description: Photograph of the Port Arthur National Guard Band on a stage; three men are standing and holding drums, and the rest are sitting and holding various instruments. A man sitting on the back row in the first chair on the left is identified as Sergeant John L. McClintock. He is holding a bass horn.
Date: 1938

[Gulf Oil Plant]

Description: Photograph of the Gulf Oil Plant from the entrance in Port Arthur, TX. A man is standing by the gate, holding it open. Several smokestacks are to the right. There are several large buildings on the left.
Date: unknown

[Cotton Baling Plant]

Description: Photograph of a storage area for cotton bales. The bales are made in a cotton baling plant in Sabine, TX. Large piles of bales are placed around the room. In the middle of the room, there is a machine that appears to be forming the cotton coming in on a conveyor belt into bales.
Date: unknown

[Lyndon Johnson]

Description: Photograph of a man piloting a helicopter that says "Lyndon Johnson for U. S. Senator" on the side. The helicopter is hovering above a field of grass. In the background, there is a crowd of people standing in front of Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse.
Date: 1948
Creator: Everett, James

[Port Arthur Women's Self-Improvement Club]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur Women's Self-Improvement Club. From left to right, the women are identified as Mrs. Florence Graham, Mrs. Emma Landes, Mrs. Robert Hogaboom, Mrs. C. C. Blackman, Mrs. C. M. Davis, Mrs. Paul Scullum, Mrs. T. W. Hughes, Mrs. Nels Jensen, Mrs. Charles Petrie, Mrs. Elma Gifford, Mrs. J. C. Reynolds, Mrs. Tom Rice, Mrs. Ed Laughlin, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Toland, and Mrs. A. M. Rutan. One boy is sitting behind two women.
Date: 1898

[Gulf Oil Coke Stills]

Description: Photograph of the coke stills at the Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. The coke stills are in a long building with five smoke stacks. Two cylindrical buildings are to the left of the stills. A short wire fence is between the photographer and the buildings. Railroad tracks run by the stills.
Date: unknown

[Returning from Deep-Sea Fishing Trip]

Description: Photograph of a large group of people, identified as employees and officials of the First National Bank and Pure Oil Company, returning from a deep-sea fishing trip sixty miles into the Gulf of Mexico. All the people are standing next to the railing of the boat, most holding their catches over the side. Several men are sitting on the life boats, pier posts, and boat awning.
Date: unknown

[County Courthouse and Pleasure Pier]

Description: Photograph of the Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse and Pleasure Pier in Port Arthur, TX. The Pleasure Pier bridge, which spans the Sabine-Neches Canal from the courthouse to the amusement park, is raised. Pleasure Pier can be seen in the distance on the shore of Sabine Lake. The roller coaster is the tallest structure on the right.
Date: unknown

[Procter Street to KCS Depot]

Description: Photograph of east Port Arthur, TX. Downtown Port Arthur is in the lower left corner. Pleasure Island is on the far right. A ship is sailing west through the Sabine-Neches Canal. A multitude of cars are driving on the streets of downtown. The Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse is visible in the lower right corner.
Date: unknown
Creator: Everett, James

[Texaco Lumber Shipping Dock]

Description: Photograph of the lumber shipping dock on Texaco Island in Port Arthur, TX. A ship is docked to the left of the dock. Past the dock is a row of buildings with several smokestacks. More ships and boats are docked near this area. Large piles of lumber are on the dock next to a large grouping of railroad tracks and several large boxcars.
Date: unknown

[Gulf Oil Terminal]

Description: Photograph of the Gulf Oil Company terminal in Port Arthur, TX. Pipes are running on the ground by the terminal. A large, white water tower is in front of the terminal. The Gulf Oil Refinery can be seen behind the terminal.
Date: unknown