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[Seawall Along Sabine-Neches Canal]

Description: Photograph of the seawall along the north bank of the Sabine-Neches Canal behind a drainage pump station in Port Arthur, TX. A single man is standing on a platform by the pumping station. The seawall appears to be very eroded. Several large pieces of timber are laying on the eroded wall.
Date: unknown

[Port Arthur Trolley Construction]

Description: Photograph of construction work on the Port Arthur trolley system circa 1910. Workers are digging and laying rails for the trolley in the middle of a street in Port Arthur, Texas. The trolley is already on the rails and the conductor and driver are standing near it. Behind the trolley is the Kansas City Southern Railroad Depot. The construction is headed towards the intersection of Beaumont and Procter Streets.
Date: unknown

[Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge]

Description: Photograph of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge in Port Arthur, TX. The bridge was completed in August 1970 at a cost of $8,750,882. The roadway is 5,032 feet long and 138 feet above the canal. The bridge spans the Sabine-Neches Canal. A ship is sailing about to sail underneath it. In the background is the town of Port Arthur. Beyond that are the oil refineries and fields.
Date: unknown

[Kansas City Southern Rail Depot]

Description: Photograph of the Kansas City Southern Railroad Passenger Station at the foot of Procter Street in Port Arthur, TX. Behind the station is a passenger car. Several horse-drawn carts and buggies are in front of the station. Below the picture are the words, "Kansas City Southern the only road."
Date: unknown

[KCS Train Depot]

Description: Photograph of the Kansas City Southern Railroad Depot in Port Arthur, TX. An unpaved road leads up to the front of the depot. A train is behind the depot. A caption below the picture reads, "The Kansas City Southern Depot at Port Arthur."
Date: unknown

[KCS Train Depot]

Description: Photograph of the Kansas City Southern Railroad Depot in Port Arthur, TX. The tracks next to the platform are empty. Several cars are parked around the depot. Accompanying information states the picture was taken circa 1950.
Date: unknown

[Sabine-Neches Canal]

Description: Photograph of the Sabine-Neches Canal running through Port Arthur, TX. To the left of the canal is a large railroad depot and the town is at the top. Several barges and boats are tied up along the shores of the canal.
Date: unknown

[Southern Pacific Railroad Depot]

Description: Photograph of the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot in Port Arthur, TX. According to accompanying information, it is located Austin and Houston Streets. A line of automobiles is parked on the street outside the depot. A large lumberyard is across the street, to the top of the photograph. Large, open park like areas with palm trees are on either side of the depot.
Date: unknown

[Port Arthur Skyline]

Description: Photograph of the skyline of Port Arthur in 1949. The view is northwest across the canal from Pleasure Island. Several tall buildings dominate the skyline over other smaller structures. Several boats are in the water by the shore.
Date: unknown
Creator: Everett, James

[Port Arthur Levee Construction]

Description: Photograph of the construction of a levee in Port Arthur, TX. The main wall bordering the canal is completed. A crane is using a claw to place filler between the current shoreline and the levee wall constructed in January 1931. A small house is to the right of the levee.
Date: unknown

[Armistice Day Parade]

Description: Photograph of a parade float for an Armistice Day celebration. The float consists of a truck decorated with star and stripe printed banners, a cannon on the truck bed, and a banner on the side with text that says "This is the Old Girl that Roared Out for Joy and Shattered our 'Panes' on Armistice Day. Nov. 11. 1918." In the background, there are trees and a building. Accompanying material gives information about the cannon.
Date: July 4, 1923

[Number Three Fire Station]

Description: Photograph of seven men standing outside of the Number Three Fire Station on Fifth Street and Vicksburg Avenue. Five of the men are standing on a 1923 Model Pumper truck, and two men are standing beside it; they are all wearing uniforms. Six men are identified as Harry Denson, Buster Curry, Les Hebert, Bonnie Curra, Dan Welch, and Carl Wilson.
Date: 192u

[Fire Department Personnel]

Description: Photograph of a group of fire department personnel sitting in trucks outside of the new Central Fire Station on 300 Waco Avenue. The men are identified as D. M. Montgomery, T. L. Murray, L. C. Dugan, R. E. Daniels, A. O. Montgomery, L. J. Hebert, Tom Goode, Frank Finchum, J. B. Salyer, E. L. Etheridge, Bob Cox, H. Jack Vaughan, H. B. Hay, H. C. Sport, H. I. McIllwain, Ronnie Smith, Arch Hallmark, Dave P. Rachael, R. R. Rachael, T. H. Taylor, Mayor J. P. (Pink) Logan, and Fire Chief Clyde LaRose.
Date: 1926
Creator: Trost Studio

[Horses in Port Arthur Parade]

Description: Photograph of group of people riding horses for a parade in Port Arthur, TX. There are a variety of age groups on horseback. The horses are a multitude of colors. Most of the people are wearing cowboy hats. A fire engine is in the back, behind the group of horses.
Date: unknown