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[Port Arthur City Hall]

Description: Photograph of a building identified as Port Arthur City Hall on 444 Fourth Street. The building is several stories high, and there are windows along the corners and top of it. There are several trees and a parking lot with cars in the foreground.
Date: 1986

[Queen of Vietnam Shrine]

Description: Photograph of the Queen of Vietnam Shrine on the 900 block of Ninth Avenue. The shrine consists of statue of a woman wearing robes with her hands outstretched while holding a rosary; there is a sacred heart symbol on her chest and a crown on her head. The statue is located under an Asian-style gazebo. A walkway leads to the shrine, and plants and a garden surround it. In the background, there are buildings. The shrine was built in 1986.
Date: 1989

[Whitehaven House]

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of a building identified as Whitehaven, the home of Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Morris on 2545 Lakeshore Drive. The house is two stories high, and columns in the front reach the second story. There is a flag pole and a circle driveway in the front yard. Text at the top of the photograph says "White Haven 1988." The house was built in 1915, and is now owned and operated by Lamar State College. Facilities were donated to the college by the Port Arthur Daughters of the American Revolution in 2000.
Date: 1988