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[Tug Boat Christening]

Description: Photograph of release of the tub boat Margaret C. after christening. The boat is splashing side first into the water after being released from her ties. The tug being released after just having finished construction.
Date: unknown

[Sabine Seafood Fishing Docks]

Description: Photograph of the Sabine Seafood Company in Sabine, TX. The building is attached to a wooden pier on a body of water. Several rows of fishing boats are docked next to the pier. They are covered in nets.
Date: unknown
Creator: Everett, James

[Tugboat Preparing to Pull Tanker]

Description: Photograph of the Texaco tugboat "Havoline" assisting a full Texaco tanker to the sea with its load. The tanker is labeled as the "Wyoming" out of Wilmington, Delaware. One large smokestack on the bow of the ship carries the Texaco logo. An American flag is also flying from a pole on the bow. Another tanker, the "Nautica" out of Monrovia, is docked nearby.
Date: August 9, 1971
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Seafers - Whigham Home]

Description: Photograph of the Seafers-Whigham home. Preston Seafer's family came to Port Arthur in 1897. The house is two stories high, with columns in the front. Bushes line the front of the house.
Date: 1976-07~

[Crowd in front of the StrandTheater]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people outside the front doors of the Strand Theatre in the 500 block of Procter. The marquee says "John Barrymore-Dolores Costello and George O'Hara in The Screen Classic 'The Sea Beast.'" In the foreground, there is a row of cars.
Date: 1926

[Eastern Texas Electric Company Vehicles]

Description: Photograph of six vehicles belonging to the Eastern Texas Electric Company. On the side of each vehicle is an advertisement promoting the use of electric appliances and GE refrigerators. Several men are seated on the side stoop of each vehicle. In the back is the company's main building. Many power lines are running from the building out.
Date: unknown

[Charles Martin Company]

Description: Photograph of a group of three men standing and one woman sitting in a Charles Martin Company office at Realty Building. They are identified as W. J. Burch (oil inspector), C. E. Booz (senior manager), Elda LaPoint (secretary), and DeWitt Cudd (clerk). Charles Martin Company consisted of deep oil inspection and a steamship agency. The group is surrounded by desks with papers and typewriters on them. There is a set of filing cabinets to the left of the group, and a clock hanging on the wall towards the right. Text below the photograph says "Pictured left to right are: W. J. Burch, C. E. Booz, Senior Manager, Elda LaPoint, and DeWitt Cudd."
Date: 1920

[Dick Dowling Monument]

Description: Photograph of a monument honoring Dick Dowling in Sabine Pass Battleground Park. A statue of a man is on top of a marble pedestal that has three segments containing text. The center portion of the monument, beneath the statue includes a symbol with a star and laurel leaves at the top and text that says: "In memory of Lt. Richard W. Dowling and his men. Texas remembers the faithfulness and valor of her sons and commends their heroic example to future generations. Erected by the state of Texas, 1936." Additional text is in the segment on the right and the left segment is labeled "With Dowling Were" and contains a list of names.
Date: August 6, 1963
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Gulf Refinery Employees on Break]

Description: Photograph of four workers from the Port Arthur Gulf Oil Refinery on break. They are seated on a wooden bench in front of an oil railroad car. All four are wearing hats and having a conversation. The picture has had two holes punched on the left side.
Date: unknown

[Port Arthur National Guard Band]

Description: Photograph of the Port Arthur National Guard Band on a stage; three men are standing and holding drums, and the rest are sitting and holding various instruments. A man sitting on the back row in the first chair on the left is identified as Sergeant John L. McClintock. He is holding a bass horn.
Date: 1938

[J. W. Guffey Oil Tanker in Dock]

Description: Photograph of the tanker J. W. Guffey at the Gulf Oil docks in Port Arthur, TX. The tanker is the first ship designed with the sole purpose of transporting oil. It is long with four masts and one smokestack.
Date: unknown

[Engraving of Charles G. Gates]

Description: Engraving of Charles G. Gates. Gates headed a brokerage house on Wall Street in New York City, NY. He died in 1913.
Date: unknown
Creator: E. G. Williams & Brothers

[Lyndon Johnson]

Description: Photograph of a man piloting a helicopter that says "Lyndon Johnson for U. S. Senator" on the side. The helicopter is hovering above a field of grass. In the background, there is a crowd of people standing in front of Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse.
Date: 1948
Creator: Everett, James

[Gulf Oil Company Office Buildings]

Description: Photograph of the Gulf Oil Company Office Buildings and docks in Port Arthur, TX. The Gulf Oil Refinery is in the background. The buildings are located on the side of the Sabine-Neches Canal.
Date: unknown

[Port Arthur Women's Self-Improvement Club]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur Women's Self-Improvement Club. From left to right, the women are identified as Mrs. Florence Graham, Mrs. Emma Landes, Mrs. Robert Hogaboom, Mrs. C. C. Blackman, Mrs. C. M. Davis, Mrs. Paul Scullum, Mrs. T. W. Hughes, Mrs. Nels Jensen, Mrs. Charles Petrie, Mrs. Elma Gifford, Mrs. J. C. Reynolds, Mrs. Tom Rice, Mrs. Ed Laughlin, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Toland, and Mrs. A. M. Rutan. One boy is sitting behind two women.
Date: 1898

[Martha Ferguson Bowman]

Description: Photograph of a woman identified as Martha Ferguson Bowman, a Port Arthur socialite.
Date: 1930~

[Gulf Oil Refinery Plant Construction]

Description: Photograph of the construction of a gas plant and the railroad to the plant in 1929. Work crews in the foreground are laying ties and tracks for the new railroad. In the background, another crew is operating a pile driver to build the plant. A body of water is to the right.
Date: unknown

[Texaco Lumber Shipping Dock]

Description: Photograph of the lumber shipping dock on Texaco Island in Port Arthur, TX. A ship is docked to the left of the dock. Past the dock is a row of buildings with several smokestacks. More ships and boats are docked near this area. Large piles of lumber are on the dock next to a large grouping of railroad tracks and several large boxcars.
Date: unknown

[Gulf Oil Terminal]

Description: Photograph of the Gulf Oil Company terminal in Port Arthur, TX. Pipes are running on the ground by the terminal. A large, white water tower is in front of the terminal. The Gulf Oil Refinery can be seen behind the terminal.
Date: unknown

[Gulf Oil Refinery]

Description: Photograph of a line of stills at the Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. Some of the still are open and some are closed. A track-mounted crane is running in front of the stills. Large piles of pipe and lumber are stacked in the picture foreground. Several workers are moving around the yard surrounding the stills.
Date: unknown

[Joseph P. Hooks]

Description: Photograph of a man identified as Joseph P. Hooks. Hooks was an early day contractor, and came to Port Arthur with W. H. Schmyser.
Date: unknown
Creator: Williams

[Photograph of Stella C. White]

Description: Photograph of Stella C. White in Port Arthur, TX. Ms. White was a personal friend of Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson. She is a well-known hostess. This photograph was taken at 2216 Fifth Street in Port Arthur. She is wearing a dark top and light colored skirt. Next to her on the couch is a dog.
Date: unknown