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[Dick Dowling Monument]

Description: Photograph of a monument honoring Dick Dowling in Sabine Pass Battleground Park. A statue of a man is on top of a marble pedestal that has three segments containing text. The center portion of the monument, beneath the statue includes a symbol with a star and laurel leaves at the top and text that says: "In memory of Lt. Richard W. Dowling and his men. Texas remembers the faithfulness and valor of her sons and commends their heroic example to future generations. Erected by the state of Texas, 1936." Additional text is in the segment on the right and the left segment is labeled "With Dowling Were" and contains a list of names.
Date: August 6, 1963
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Texaco Laboratory Expansion]

Description: Photograph of a Texaco (Texas Company) plant in Port Arthur, Texas, consisting of several long buildings set around an inner square. The expansion area is to the left with large piles of dirt and noticeable rectangular sections where buildings are to be constructed. Tanks for storage of petroleum products are in the far right background.
Date: 1969
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Thomas Jefferson High School]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of Thomas Jefferson High School on Jefferson Drive. In the foreground, there are tennis courts and a football field, with a parking lot separating the two. In the background, there are buildings. Thomas Jefferson High School was opened in 1959.
Date: September 10, 1969

[Lewis Drive Construction]

Description: Photograph of construction on Lewis Drive. Four men holding shovels are standing on a section of road with no pavement. A truck and construction machinery are to the right side of the men on a paved section of the road. In the background, there are other workers and trucks.
Date: 1962

[Music of the Sea Memorial Fountain]

Description: Photograph of the Music of the Sea Memorial Fountain at Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse. A human figure leaning over and holding a shell to its ear is in the center of the fountain. Jets of water are spraying towards it. It was presented to the city in 1940 by Edith Smith Norton (Mrs. Charles R.) in memory of her father, Charles Eugene Smith. It was created by artist, Henry Hudson Kitson.
Date: 1964~