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[Adams Building Banquet]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and women sitting at long tables at a banquet for tenants of the Adams Building. There are plates of food, filled drinking glasses, and silverware on the tables. A handwritten arrow and text that says "me!!" is above a woman in the foreground. In the background, there are two windows.
Date: unknown
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[Vessel Loaded with Export Oil]

Description: Photograph of two ships in the Port Arthur, TX harbor. One ship is the Atlas. It has two masts and one smokestack. The ship is loaded with export oil out of Port Arthur. To the right is another ship that is not steam-powered with four masts.
Date: unknown
Creator: Trost

[Tug Boat Passing Through Bridge]

Description: Photograph of the tugboat named South America sailing through the Pleasure Pier Bridge in Port Arthur, TX. The boat has two masts, one forward and one aft. It is steam powered with one smokestack in the center. The Texaco Star logo is painted on the smokestack.
Date: unknown
Creator: The Fox Company


Description: Photograph of a man identified as Lawrence P. Arnold. Arnold is wearing a sailor suit and has a pipe in his mouth. He is dressed as Popeye, a newspaper comic strip character, and is standing in front of Robert E. Lee Elementary School.
Date: unknown
Creator: Conley Studio

[Sutherlin Jewelry Store]

Description: Photograph of the people inside Sutherlin's Jewelry Store in Port Arthur, TX. Three people are behind the counter to the left, one woman and two men. To the right are an elderly man and a young girl. There are various suitcases, watchbands, and instruments on top of the counter. By the man and young girl are a double bass in a plastic cover and an acoustic guitar.
Date: unknown
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[The Monrovian Ship "Nautica"]

Description: Photograph of the "Nautica," a tanker owned by the Texas Company, out of Monrovia, Liberia. The ship has has one smokestack as well as many tall cranes, each of which is connected by a large amount of rigging. It is flying the American flag from a pole on the stern.
Date: 1971~
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Stilwell Grain Elevator]

Description: Photograph of a Stilwell grain elevator, built in 1900, located adjacent to Texas Company Island. A body of water is on the left side of the elevator. Handwritten text at the top of the photograph says "N-6003 9x [full]" and "[546]."
Date: 1976-07~

[Texas Company Refinery]

Description: Photograph of the front of the Texas Company refinery in Port Arthur, TX. The sign on the building reads, "The Texas Company." Several people are standing at the top of a short stairwell near an open door. Several more are in a vehicle parked in front of the stairwell.
Date: unknown

[Texaco Laboratory Expansion]

Description: Photograph of a Texaco (Texas Company) plant in Port Arthur, Texas, consisting of several long buildings set around an inner square. The expansion area is to the left with large piles of dirt and noticeable rectangular sections where buildings are to be constructed. Tanks for storage of petroleum products are in the far right background.
Date: 1969
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Tugboats Pulling Tanker to Sea]

Description: Photograph of the Texaco tugboats "E. M. Black" and "Havoline" assisting a full Texaco tanker to the sea with its load. Various crew members of all three ships are one the decks. The tanker is labeled as the Wyoming out of Wilmington, DE. One large smokestack on the bow of the ship carries the Texaco logo. An American flag is also flying from a pole on the bow.
Date: August 9, 1971
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Texaco Paraffin Plant]

Description: Photograph of the first battery of coke stills at the Port Arthur Texaco Refinery. The stills are part of a paraffin plant extension. The entire area is still in construction stages. The brick supports for the paraffin tanks are not yet complete. Piles of lumber, bricks, stone, and other raw building materials are lying around the tanks. Several workers are shoveling materials into the back of a mule-drawn cart.
Date: unknown

[Judge L. S. McGuire]

Description: Photograph of a man identified as Judge L. S. McGuire on a dock. He is holding a fishing pole and standing beside a hanging fish. The length of the fish goes from McGuire's head to his knees. In the background, there is water. Below the photograph, text says "Judge L. S. McGuire."
Date: unknown

[Lawrence P. Arnold]

Description: Photograph of a man identified as Lawrence P. Arnold. Arnold is wearing a sailor suit and has a pipe in his mouth. He is dressed as Popeye, a newspaper comic strip character, to entertain schoolchildren.
Date: April 12, 1937
Creator: Conley Studio

[Goldsberry and Knowles]

Description: Photograph of two men wearing coats and hats, sitting on a horse-drawn carriage. They are identified as Goldsberry and Knowles. Behind them, there is a wooden building with a sign that says "Goldsberry and Knowles Photographers." Handwritten text at the bottom of the photograph says "Goldsberry and Knowles, photographers."
Date: 1911

[Port Arthur Businessmen]

Description: Photograph of a group of men dressed in suits standing in a row in front of a wooden structure with a tarp hanging from one side. Some men are identified as J. W. Tyron, L. McGuire, Woodsworth, Pfeiffer, Geo Bliss, J. W. Carr, Jan van Tyen, and Major Ashley.
Date: 193?

[Tombstone of Child]

Description: Photograph of the headstone of the child with the first birth and first death in Port Arthur, TX. It is located on DeQueen Blvd. at the intersection of Lakeshore Drive. The grave site is surrounded by foliage. A cactus is growing on the grave. A small, wooden fence is around the stone and grave. The stone reads, "Arthur Stilwell/Smith/Born Mary 1896/Died May 1896/First Birth/First Death/in/Port Arthur."
Date: unknown
Creator: Everett, James

[Men on Blue Goose Houseboat]

Description: Photograph of men on the Blue Goose Houseboat in Port Arthur, TX. The boat is docked in Taylor Bayou near the Port Arthur Fish Plant. Thirteen men are standing and seated on the deck of the boat. Some are holding bottles in their hands. A sign on the outside of the building reads, "American Lager Beer."
Date: unknown