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[Mary Gates Memorial Hospital]
Photograph of a building identified as Mary Gates Memorial Hospital on Dallas Avenue and Lakeshore Drive. The building is three stories high, and a flight of stairs leads to the entrance. One woman is standing at the top of the stairs. Two people are standing to the side of the stairs on the ground. In front of the building, there are trees. The hospital was built by John W. Gates, in memory of his mother. It was later used as Port Arthur's City Hall, and then torn down in the 1970s.
[Plaza Hotel Under Construction]
Photograph of a view of the Plaza Hotel under construction from the Pleasure Pier area. In the background, there are other buildings. In the foreground, there is a body of water and a pier.
[John W. Gates Residence]
Photograph of a house on Lakeshore Drive identified as a residence of John W. Gates. The house is two stories high, and has an awning that spans around the house. Four columns on the front of the house extend to the second floor. In the foreground, there are small trees and shrubs. In the background, there is a wooden building. Text at the bottom of the photograph says "N. M. Nielsen, Pub." and "John W. Gates Lake Shore Drive Residence, Port Arthur, Texas."