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[Lakeshore Apartments]

Description: Photograph of a building identified as Lakeshore Apartments, on the corner of Dallas Avenue and Lakeshore Drive in Port Arthur, Texas. The building is two stories tall and is surrounded by trees and bushes. In the background, there is a parking lot.
Date: July 18, 1968
Creator: Watkins Studio

[The Flying Crow]

Description: Photograph of a Kansas City Southern Lines train leaving the train depot in Port Arthur, Texas. A conductor is standing on the platform giving hand signals to the train as it pulls away. Several large trailers are in the background on the other side of the railroad tracks. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says: "Kansas City Southern Lines, 'The Flying Crow,' Port Arthur 5-10-68."
Date: May 10, 1968
Creator: Watkins Studio

[KCS Administration at Train Depot]

Description: Photograph of the railway manager and two other people standing outside of the Kansas City Southern Railroad Depot in Port Arthur, Texas. Their names are (L to R): Dow Wynn, Mrs. W. F. Fredeman, and Bill White. A large sign on the front of the building reads, "K.C.S. Lines."
Date: September 18, 1968
Creator: Watkins Studio