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[Gulfport Shipyard]

Description: Photograph of the Gulfport Shipyard on the Sabine Neches Canal in Port Arthur, TX. Several ships are under construction. The Kansas City Southern rail yards run next to the shipyard. In the background is the town of Port Arthur. Beyond the town are the Gulf and Texaco Oil Company tank farms.
Date: unknown

[S.S. Manhatten]

Description: Photograph of the S.S. Manhatten sailing out from Port Arthur, TX. The Manhatten is the largest oil tanker to enter the Sabine-Neches Canal as of Spring 1966. The Gulfport Shipyard is in the picture background on the shore of the canal.
Date: unknown

[Port Arthur Docks]

Description: Photograph of ocean-going ships docked at the loading docks in the Port Arthur Canal. Many different types of ships are docked. According to accompanying information, the docks are near the Stilwell grain elevator in Port Arthur, TX. The back of the picture contains a description of Port Arthur industries.
Date: unknown

[Interurban Trolley Terminal]

Description: Photograph of the Port Arthur Traction Company trolley terminal and office. The terminal is located on Houston Avenue. One trolley is in the terminal. A group of people is standing outside the terminal. A bicycle is leaned against a pole outside the terminal.
Date: unknown

[Pleasure Island Dance Hall]

Description: Photograph of the Pleasure Pier dance hall in Port Arthur, TX. The dance hall is a long, two-story building. A tall, black lamp post is in front of the building. Numerous people are standing on the building's porches and on the ground in front.
Date: unknown

[Pleasure Island Roller Coaster]

Description: Photograph of the roller coaster on Pleasure Island in Port Arthur, Texas. A large pavilion is to the left of the coaster. A group of people is sitting beneath the awning of the pavilion. Another group of people is sitting on and near the breakwater wall. Several swimmers are in the water.
Date: unknown

[Sailboat Races]

Description: Photograph of sailboat races in Port Arthur, Texas. The races are taking place on a body of water identified as "Sabine Lake." A large group of people is standing on the edge of the pier area watching the boats in the distance.
Date: unknown

[Procter Street Flooding]

Description: Photograph of flooding on the corner of Shreveport Avenue and Procter Street, as a result of a hurricane. A group of four men are standing chest deep in the water; two men are smoking cigarettes. In the background, there are buildings, one says "[L]one [Star] B[a]kery on the side. Text handwritten on the right side of the photograph says "Pt. Arthur, Texas" and Procter St Shreveport Ave."
Date: August 1915
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography