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[J. E. Guimont and Son Tin Shop]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and a horse-drawn wagon in front of J. E. Guimont and Son Tin Shop on 537 Procter Street. The side of the wagon says "Phone 236" and "J. E. Guimont & Son." In the background, a ladder is leaning against the building. A sign beside the building says "Guimont & Sheet Metal Workers."
Date: 1912~

[Port Arthur Businesses]

Description: Negative of two businesses on the corner of Seventh Street and Austin Avenue. A sign on the left building says "Hotel Nash" above a balcony. The building on the right is taller. In the background, there are other buildings. Text below the image says "Port Arthur Buildings - Corner Seventh St. and Austin. Ave.
Date: 1912~

[Port Arthur Water Plant]

Description: Photograph of the first Port Arthur Water Plant, located at Houston Avenue and Lakeshore. The building is two stories high, and there are two smoke stacks protruding from it. In the background, there are other buildings and a water tower. Text below the photograph says "Water Plant."
Date: 1912