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[Aerial View of Groves]

Description: Photograph of the town of Groves, TX. The photo is taken from the air and the area surrounding Groves can be seen, including oil storage tanks, the Jefferson Chemical Plant, and Hogaboom Road. The town is small and surrounded by crop fields.
Date: unknown

[Aerial View of Port Arthur College]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of the Port Arthur College campus. In the background, a further view of the town is visible. On the left margin of the photograph, text says "Stilwell Blvd.," and an arrow points to a street running horizontally. On the bottom margin, text says "Lakeshore Drive" and an arrow points to a street running vertically. Also on the bottom margin, text says "Procter," and a second arrow points to a street running vertically.
Date: 193u

[Aerial View of Water Tower]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of a 500,000 gallon water tower on Railroad Avenue. Behind the water tower, there is a train and an industrial storage lot. Text on the top-right of the photograph says "City of Port Arthur Water tower on Railroad Avenue and W. Thomas Blvd. Built 195. Capacity - 500,000 gallons. Photo - 11/13/74."
Date: November 13, 1974

[Aerial View of Water Tower]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of a 300,000 gallon water tower. Trees surround the tower, and a baseball field is located behind it. Text at the bottom-left of the photograph says "City of Port Arthur Gilham Circle Water Tower. Built - 1920. Capacity - 300,000 Photo - 11/13/74."
Date: November 13, 1974

[All American City Billboard]

Description: Photograph of a billboard advertising Port Arthur being selected as an All American City. The billboard consists of an illustration of a building and a seal with stars, stripes, and text that says "All America City Port Arthur, Texas 1973." Text on the billboard says "Congratulations Port Arthur Citizens On Being Selected All America City." A woman and man standing in front of the billboard are identified as Mrs. Leola King and W. J. Dickerson. Accompanying material gives information about the award.
Date: 1973

[All American City Committee Members]

Description: Photograph of the All American City committee members. They are posing in three rows. In the background, a panel hanging above them says "Grand Ballroom." Text at the bottom of the photograph identifies them as "Left to right: Fred Huber [City Councilman], Claude Ellis [Private citizen], George Wikoff [City Attorney], Bill Maddox [Publisher Port Arthur News], Mrs. Leola King [Private citizen], Pat DeBlanc [citizen], Lyle Vickers [Manager P.A. Chamber of Commerce], James Marshall Green, Sr. [Senior Citizen], W. L. Dickinson [Senior Citizens Group], George Dibrell [City Manager], Maurice Conerly [City Councilman], Van Buckner [Businessman], Arthur Guidry [City Councilman], Reverend Ransom Howard [Minister], Charles Freeman [Businessman], Ernest Meyer [City Secretary] Sam Monroe [Lamar University], Bernis Sadler [Mayor] R. L. Jones, Dave Smith."
Date: 1973

[All American City Delegates]

Description: Photograph of All American City delegates. In the background, a seal is under a wall consisting of stars, stripes, and text that says "Finalist All American City Port Arthur, Texas." The delegates are identified as S. G. Carruth, Arthur Craft, Reverend Emmitt Barrow, Roy Shotts, Sam Aquilina, Mrs. H. P. Weber, Mrs. W. F. Frederman, Mrs. Gordon Swartz, Mrs. Guy Tritico, Mrs. Thomas F. Hogan, Mrs. M. C. Franklin, Mrs. R. J. Domatti, Mrs. Gloria Freeman Robinson, Mrs. [Mars] Gillman, V. J. Constantine, Mrs. D. R. Cotham, Mrs. Arthur Klebba, Jeff Riley, Mrs. Edward Ladmer, Sam Monroe, Gus DeLee, Mrs. E. J. Baron, Jr., John Hill (State Attorney General), Bernis W. Sadler (Mayor), Ed Watson, John Oden, Thomas F. Hogan, III, William Maddox, Randy Halton, and Jerry O. Jones.
Date: 1973

[American Brewing Association Wagon]

Description: Photograph of two men sitting on an American Brewing Association wagon. The wagon is filled with barrels and is pulled by horses; text on the side of the wagon says "American Brewing Ass'n." The men are delivering the barrels to Guy Moore's livery stables on Dallas Avenue and Fourth Street. In the background, there are wooden buildings and a man standing in a yard.
Date: 1908

[Armistice Day Celebration]

Description: Photograph of a group of men at the Armistice Day celebration at Pleasure Island. The men are standing in a row, and some are wearing military uniforms, and some men are holding American flags. In the background, there is a metal structure. Text at the bottom-right of the photograph says "'Armistice Day' November 11, 1921."
Date: November 11, 1931

[Armistice Day Parade]

Description: Photograph of a parade float for an Armistice Day celebration. The float consists of a truck decorated with star and stripe printed banners, a cannon on the truck bed, and a banner on the side with text that says "This is the Old Girl that Roared Out for Joy and Shattered our 'Panes' on Armistice Day. Nov. 11. 1918." In the background, there are trees and a building. Accompanying material gives information about the cannon.
Date: July 4, 1923

[Arrowhead Collection at First National Bank]

Description: Photograph of the arrowhead collection of Andy Kyle on display in the First National Bank in Port Arthur, TX. The collection is housed in three display cases. A county fair ribbon is hanging from the upper left corner of the largest display case. Two bank employees are standing around the cases. To the left is Lenora Reeves and to the right is W. F. Speigel.
Date: unknown
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[Arthur Macroni Radio Tower]

Description: Photograph of Arthur Marconi Radio Tower at Lamar State College. On each side of the tower, there are cut out shapes in the form of "LS." Buildings and trees surround the tower; one building is identified as the Ruby Ruth Fuller Building. Guglielmo Marconi patented wireless telegraphy, and was a close friend of John W. Gates. Marconi personally built and installed the fifty feet tall antenna mounted on top of the 130 feet tall tower. The tower is part of the National Register of Historic Places, and Ruby Ruth Fuller Building is a Texas Historic Landmark.
Date: 2009

[Auditorium Construction]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of the construction of an auditorium for Stephen F. Austin High School. In the lower-left of the photograph, there is a metal frame for the building and other construction equipment.
Date: December 12, 1969
Creator: Watkins Studio