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[Gulf Oil Refinery Wax Works]

Description: Photograph of the Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. The main focal point of the picture is the refinery's wax works. One smokestack is on the main building. On the right side of the building, there is a line of five stacks behind a grouping of storage tanks. Long lengths of pipe are running through the bottom.
Date: unknown

[Gulfport Shipyard]

Description: Photograph of the Gulfport Shipyard on the Sabine Neches Canal in Port Arthur, TX. Several ships are under construction. The Kansas City Southern rail yards run next to the shipyard. In the background is the town of Port Arthur. Beyond the town are the Gulf and Texaco Oil Company tank farms.
Date: unknown

[Holmes-Manley Batteries]

Description: Photograph of the Holmes-Manley Batteries at the Texaco Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. The batteries are all similar. Each unit has a small white shack and one smokestack. There is also a circular device with each battery unit.
Date: unknown
Creator: Everett Photographic Service

[KCS Train Crew]

Description: Photograph of a Kansas City Southern train outside the Kansas City Southern Depot in Port Arthur, TX circa 1914. The train's crew of six men is posed in front of the engine. Some men are standing on the engine, while are others are on the platform around it.
Date: unknown

[Men Making Wooden Barrels]

Description: Photograph of two men at the Texaco Refinery in Port Arthur, TX building wooden barrels. The barrels are being made to hold petroleum product. Both workers have the barrel boards secured by a single barrel band at the bottom and are placing a top band on the barrel.
Date: unknown

[Menhaden Fish Plant]

Description: Photograph of the Menhaden Fish Plant in Port Arthur, TX. The plant is a grouping of buildings, dominated by a long structure to the left of the rest. An area for storage of raw building materials is to the right. Four fishing boats are docked in the Sabine-Neches Canal adjacent to the plant.
Date: unknown
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[Northeast View of Port Arthur]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur, TX. The entire city can be seen. In the lower portion are the Sabine-Neches Canal and Pleasure Island. Ships are sailing on the canal. Beyond the city, the oil refineries and storage can be seen. Downtown is a prominent feature with several tall buildings.
Date: unknown

[Ocean-going Oil Tanker]

Description: Photograph of an oil tanker sailing down the Sabine Neches Canal through Port Arthur, TX towards the ocean. The tanker is passing through a double-leaf bascule bridge by downtown Port Arthur. The tanker is named as the "Contreras."
Date: unknown

[Office of J.M. Guffey Oil Company]

Description: Photograph of original office of the J.M. Guffey (Gulf) Oil Company in downtown Port Arthur, TX. The building has three floors. A covered balcony extends from the second floor. It is supported by wooden columns on a porch around the first floor. The second floor balcony has pieces of fabric draped around it.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of George M. Sims]

Description: Photograph of George M. Sims. Sims was the Superintendent of Schools in Port Arthur, TX from 1914-1944. He was one of the first to use the 12-year school grade system. He is posed wearing a suit and tie. Only his head is photographed. He is also wearing glasses.
Date: unknown