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[Boat Launching]

Description: Photograph of several men and women standing on the boat, Juliette, at its launching. Each person is holding a group of mackerels, and mackerels are hanging from the sides of the boat. The fish came from a record catch at Sabine Jetties.
Date: August 15, 1910

[Central Hotel]

Description: Photograph of a building identified as the Central Hotel on the corner of Procter Street and Waco Avenue. The building is several stories high, and a hanging sign says "Central Hotel" on the side. In front of the building, there are people walking on a sidewalk and cars parked along its curb. Text below the photograph says "Central Hotel - 1917." The hotel was used to house United States Coast Units during World War II.
Date: 1917

[DeQueen Elementary School]

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of a brick building identified as DeQueen Elementary school. It is three stories high, and has columns in the doorways. In the background, there are other buildings. Text below the photograph says "DeQueen School."
Date: 1914~
Location Info:

[Dormitory Room at Port Arthur College]

Description: Photograph of a Port Arthur College dormitory room. In the foreground, there is a desk with two chairs. In the background, there is a dresser with an oval mirror attached the top and a bed to its right. Text below the photograph says "Port Arthur College Dorm Room." Port Arthur College was located on the south 1500 block of Procter Street.
Date: 1915~

[Fire Department Races]

Description: Photograph of two horse-drawn wagons, owned by the fire department, racing with a dog. The wagon on the left has two men driving it, and three men sitting in the back; it is ahead of the second wagon. The second wagon has two men driving it, and one man sitting on the back. The dog is ahead of both vehicles. In the background, there are people watching in front of buildings. Accompanying material gives information about the fire department.
Date: 1913

[First Methodist Group]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and women posing outside of First Methodist Church. The people are identified as (first row, left to right) Mrs. O. B. Morris, Mrs. Bushong, Beth Palmer, Mrs. A. A. Miles, Mrs. Chester McDonald, (second row, left to right) The Reverend O. B. Morris, Mrs. W. H. Achey, Mrs. Francis Bushong Hoffpauir, Mrs. C. V. Palmer, Helen Gunn, Mrs. Cora Cann, (third row, left to right) J. H. Stevens, C. P. Gunn, C.V. Palmer, George Carter, Merle David, and N. J. Ader.
Date: May 6, 1917
Creator: Everett, James

[First National Bank]

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of a building identified as the First National Bank. The building is two stories high, and an awning hangs from it over the sidewalk. A man and woman are walking into the door. In the foreground, there are other people walking and utility poles along the sidewalk. Horse-drawn carriages parked along the curb.
Date: 1914~

[Flooded Streets]

Description: Photograph of a group of people standing in a flooded street. The water level reaches their upper legs, and resulted from a hurricane. In the background, there are utility poles and business buildings. On the back of the photograph, there is another photograph. This image features people wading in the flooded streets with their backs to the camera. Business buildings line the street; a sign in front of one business says "Home Trust Co."
Date: 1915