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[Aerial View of Flood Waters]
Photograph of an aerial view of a flooded neighborhood. Flooding resulted from a hurricane, and spans the entire photograph.
[Aerial View of Government Complex]
Photograph of an aerial view of a governmental complex. The complex includes a sub-courthouse, city hall, and post office. Other buildings and a body of water are also visible. Text below the photograph says "Governmental Complex Port Arthur, Texas August, 1985."
[Aerial View of Groves]
Photograph of the town of Groves, TX. The photo is taken from the air and the area surrounding Groves can be seen, including oil storage tanks, the Jefferson Chemical Plant, and Hogaboom Road. The town is small and surrounded by crop fields.
[Aerial View of Jefferson Country Sub - Courthouse]
Photograph of an aerial view of Jefferson County Sub-Courthouse on 500 Lakeshore Drive. The courthouse is surrounded by yards with scattered trees. A view of Port Arthur spans the photograph.
[Aerial View of Pleasure Island Marina]
Photograph of an aerial view of Pleasure Island Marina. Along the shore, there is a view of the Ballroom and amusement rides.
[Aerial View of Pleasure Pier Bridge]
Photograph of an aerial view of Pleasure Pier Bridge. The bridge is drawn up, and a ship is sailing through the canal. Smaller boats line the left shore. In the background, there is a view of the city.
[Aerial View of Port Arthur]
Photograph of an aerial view of buildings and streets in Port Arthur. In the foreground, there is a view of Kansas City Southern Railway. On the right side of the photograph, there is a body of water.
[Aerial View of Port Arthur College]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Port Arthur College campus. In the background, a further view of the town is visible. On the left margin of the photograph, text says "Stilwell Blvd.," and an arrow points to a street running horizontally. On the bottom margin, text says "Lakeshore Drive" and an arrow points to a street running vertically. Also on the bottom margin, text says "Procter," and a second arrow points to a street running vertically.
[Aerial View of Procter Street]
Photograph of an aerial view of Procter Street in Port Arthur, Texas. Buildings, trees, and other streets are also visible. In the lower center of the photograph, the building is identified as the K. C. S. Depot.
[Aerial View of Saint Mary Hospital]
Photograph of an aerial view of Saint Mary Hospital on 3600 Gates Boulevard. There are several buildings connected by smaller covered walkways. Fields surround the hospital, and there is a football field behind it.
[Aerial View of Water Tower]
Photograph of an aerial view of a 500,000 gallon water tower on Railroad Avenue. Behind the water tower, there is a train and an industrial storage lot. Text on the top-right of the photograph says "City of Port Arthur Water tower on Railroad Avenue and W. Thomas Blvd. Built 195. Capacity - 500,000 gallons. Photo - 11/13/74."
[Aerial View of Water Tower]
Photograph of an aerial view of a 300,000 gallon water tower. Trees surround the tower, and a baseball field is located behind it. Text at the bottom-left of the photograph says "City of Port Arthur Gilham Circle Water Tower. Built - 1920. Capacity - 300,000 Photo - 11/13/74."
[All American City Billboard]
Photograph of a billboard advertising Port Arthur being selected as an All American City. The billboard consists of an illustration of a building and a seal with stars, stripes, and text that says "All America City Port Arthur, Texas 1973." Text on the billboard says "Congratulations Port Arthur Citizens On Being Selected All America City." A woman and man standing in front of the billboard are identified as Mrs. Leola King and W. J. Dickerson. Accompanying material gives information about the award.
[All American City Committee Members]
Photograph of the All American City committee members. They are posing in three rows. In the background, a panel hanging above them says "Grand Ballroom." Text at the bottom of the photograph identifies them as "Left to right: Fred Huber [City Councilman], Claude Ellis [Private citizen], George Wikoff [City Attorney], Bill Maddox [Publisher Port Arthur News], Mrs. Leola King [Private citizen], Pat DeBlanc [citizen], Lyle Vickers [Manager P.A. Chamber of Commerce], James Marshall Green, Sr. [Senior Citizen], W. L. Dickinson [Senior Citizens Group], George Dibrell [City Manager], Maurice Conerly [City Councilman], Van Buckner [Businessman], Arthur Guidry [City Councilman], Reverend Ransom Howard [Minister], Charles Freeman [Businessman], Ernest Meyer [City Secretary] Sam Monroe [Lamar University], Bernis Sadler [Mayor] R. L. Jones, Dave Smith."
[All American City Delegates]
Photograph of All American City delegates. In the background, a seal is under a wall consisting of stars, stripes, and text that says "Finalist All American City Port Arthur, Texas." The delegates are identified as S. G. Carruth, Arthur Craft, Reverend Emmitt Barrow, Roy Shotts, Sam Aquilina, Mrs. H. P. Weber, Mrs. W. F. Frederman, Mrs. Gordon Swartz, Mrs. Guy Tritico, Mrs. Thomas F. Hogan, Mrs. M. C. Franklin, Mrs. R. J. Domatti, Mrs. Gloria Freeman Robinson, Mrs. [Mars] Gillman, V. J. Constantine, Mrs. D. R. Cotham, Mrs. Arthur Klebba, Jeff Riley, Mrs. Edward Ladmer, Sam Monroe, Gus DeLee, Mrs. E. J. Baron, Jr., John Hill (State Attorney General), Bernis W. Sadler (Mayor), Ed Watson, John Oden, Thomas F. Hogan, III, William Maddox, Randy Halton, and Jerry O. Jones.
[American Brewing Association Wagon]
Photograph of two men sitting on an American Brewing Association wagon. The wagon is filled with barrels and is pulled by horses; text on the side of the wagon says "American Brewing Ass'n." The men are delivering the barrels to Guy Moore's livery stables on Dallas Avenue and Fourth Street. In the background, there are wooden buildings and a man standing in a yard.
[Armistice Day Celebration]
Photograph of a group of men at the Armistice Day celebration at Pleasure Island. The men are standing in a row, and some are wearing military uniforms, and some men are holding American flags. In the background, there is a metal structure. Text at the bottom-right of the photograph says "'Armistice Day' November 11, 1921."
[Armistice Day Parade]
Photograph of a parade float for an Armistice Day celebration. The float consists of a truck decorated with star and stripe printed banners, a cannon on the truck bed, and a banner on the side with text that says "This is the Old Girl that Roared Out for Joy and Shattered our 'Panes' on Armistice Day. Nov. 11. 1918." In the background, there are trees and a building. Accompanying material gives information about the cannon.
[Army Corps of Engineers Dredge]
Photograph of the US Army Corps of Engineers dredge, McFarland en route to Galveston, TX. The McFarland is 300 feet long, costing $15 million to build, with a crew of 75. The ship has a large, metal assembly on top of the deck.
[Arrival of Work Train]
Photograph of the Kansas City Southern Railroad Depot in Port Arthur, TX. A work train is stationed on the tracks next to the platform. A large group of people is walking next to the train.
[Arrowhead Collection at First National Bank]
Photograph of the arrowhead collection of Andy Kyle on display in the First National Bank in Port Arthur, TX. The collection is housed in three display cases. A county fair ribbon is hanging from the upper left corner of the largest display case. Two bank employees are standing around the cases. To the left is Lenora Reeves and to the right is W. F. Speigel.
[Arthur Macroni Radio Tower]
Photograph of Arthur Marconi Radio Tower at Lamar State College. On each side of the tower, there are cut out shapes in the form of "LS." Buildings and trees surround the tower; one building is identified as the Ruby Ruth Fuller Building. Guglielmo Marconi patented wireless telegraphy, and was a close friend of John W. Gates. Marconi personally built and installed the fifty feet tall antenna mounted on top of the 130 feet tall tower. The tower is part of the National Register of Historic Places, and Ruby Ruth Fuller Building is a Texas Historic Landmark.
[Auditorium Construction]
Photograph of an aerial view of the construction of an auditorium for Stephen F. Austin High School. In the lower-left of the photograph, there is a metal frame for the building and other construction equipment.
[Back View of Water Treatment Plant]
Photograph of a back exterior view of a Port Arthur Water Treatment Plant. In front of the buildings, there is a 100,000 gallon elevated storage tank. In the foreground, there are three sets of railroad tracks.
[Ball Family Residence]
Photograph of the family home of Munger T. Ball on 346 Marshall Avenue. The house is made of wood and is two stories high. Small trees are planted along the sidewalk. Text at the top of the photograph says "Munger T. Ball home 346 Marshall Avenue before 1930." The house was moved to Procter Street years later.
[Bank History and Ten Dollar Note]
Photograph of an undated newspaper article accounting the history of the First National Bank in Port Arthur, TX. In the same photograph, below the article is a ten dollar bill from the bank. It is signed by the bank president and cashier.
[Banquet Honoring John W. Gates]
Photograph of a banquet in Port Arthur, TX. Numerous men are pictured standing around a banquet table. All are dressed in formal attire. Another small group of people is standing at the top left on a staircase. Each man is numbered. Number Eleven is identified as Arthur Stilwell, founder of Port Arthur.
[Beaumont Trolley Car]
Photograph of a trolley car in Beaumont, Texas. The car has a domed roof. The car is light on top and dark on the bottom half. Windows line the sides and front and rear of the car. The word "Beaumont" is painted on the front. Power lines are running above the car.
[Beaumont Trolley in Port Arthur]
Photograph of a trolley car traveling from Port Arthur, TX to Pear Ridge, TX. The car is attached by a long, diagonal pole to an electrical wire above it. The side of the car is lined in windows. Two of the windows are open. The side reads, "Beaumont, Pear Ridge, Port Arthur." The edge of a station platform is to the left of the trolley.
[Blackman Family Home]
Photograph of the home of Sarah and Calvin Blackman at 102 Dryden Place. The house is made of bricks and has a chimney on the front side. In the background, there is a garage.
[Blanton's Laundry]
Photograph of an exterior view of Blanton's Laundry on 1313 Procter Street. The building is two stories high, and signs on it say "Blanton's Laundry 20% Cash & Carry," "Fur Storage Dry Cleaning," and 19 Blanton's 39." A sign on a building to the left says "Pacific Finance Loans." Cars are parked outside of Blanton's Laundry.
[Blossom Shoppe and Matise Blue Print Company]
Photograph of an exterior view of Blossom Shoppe on 1730 Procter Street. Bouquets of flowers are displayed in the front window; a neon sign in the window says "Flowers." A sign above the entrance says "Blossom Shoppe." A business on the right side of Blossom Shoppe is identified as Matise Blue Print Company. Signs in the front window say "Notary Public." A sign above the entrance says "Matise Blue Print Company.
[Bluebonnet Drive - In]
Photograph of a wooden building identified as Bluebonnet Drive-In on 1620 Bluebonnet Avenue. Text written on the front of the building's windows says "Bluebonnet Drive In Plate Lunch." Text on the side of the building says "Bluebonnet Drive In." There is a dirt lot beside the building. In the background, there are other buildings.
[Bluestein Department Store]
Photograph of an exterior view of Bluestein Department Store, on the 600 block of Procter Street. The brick building is several stories high, and a sign says "Bluestein's" on the side of the building. Several people are walking on its sidewalks, and cars are parked along its curb. Cars are also driving down the street. The store was owned and operated by Frank Bluestein (President), Leon Bluestein (Vice-President), and Maurice H. Born (Secretary-Treasurer).
[Boat Launching]
Photograph of several men and women standing on the boat, Juliette, at its launching. Each person is holding a group of mackerels, and mackerels are hanging from the sides of the boat. The fish came from a record catch at Sabine Jetties.
[Bookie's Service Station]
Photograph of a building identified as Bookie's Service Station on 2500 Procter Street. Several gas pumps are under an awning extending from the front of the building. Automotive repair supplies are scattered underneath the awning. Several men are working around the building. A sign in front of the building says "Texaco" above a "T" and star logo. In the background, a carport says "Bookie's Motor-Tune-Up-Brake Service." In the bottom right of the photograph, text says "25850 9-26-41."
[Bowl King Kole Bowling Alley]
Photograph of an exterior view of Bowl King Kole bowling alley on Gulfway Drive. The building says "Bowl King Kole" at the top, and has cut-outs of bowling balls wearing crowns on it. In the foreground, there is a parking lot with cars in it.
[Boy Scout Exhibition Room]
Photograph of an exhibition room at a Boy Scout exhibition in Port Arthur, TX. The room is filled with various Boy Scout related items, including troop flags, archery stands, boats, knot charts, and geology displays. Several sea scout items are also on display.
[Boy Scout Troop]
Photograph of six boy scouts wearing uniforms and standing in a row; they are identified as Troop Five. In the background, there are two houses. Text below the photograph says "[Port] Arthur, Tex Troop #5 [,] 1920;" a block of text below that says "0193.01 MGC."
[Boy Scouts at Strand Theater]
Photograph of boy scouts in a group outside the Strand Theater in Port Arthur, TX. According to the marquee behind the boys, the movie playing is "One Sunday Afternoon." All the boys are dressed in boy scout uniforms. Several leaders are in the picture with them.
[Boy Scouts on Church Steps]
Photograph of a troop of boy scouts standing on the steps of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Port Arthur, TX. Most of the boys are wearing boy scout uniforms. Most are also wearing campaign hats. The boys appear to be of a variety of ages. No adults are present in the picture.
[Boy Scouts Preparing for Parade]
Photograph of a group of boy scouts; they are posing in six rows on a flight of stairs. Most of the boys are wearing uniforms, and some are wearing hats. Text below the photograph says "Scouts Preparing for a Parade - 1928," "P.F.: Boy Scouts," and identifies some of the boys as "Joe Jackson, Billy Hause, Kerns, Hal Baird, Robert Pool, Carroll Wolford, Lester Carr, Darrell Beauchamp, Vernon, Bodin, Denbo, Bill Gray, Rodney Quebodeaux, J. T. Urwin, J.D. Thompson, Vernon Isaac, and Quincy Tuma.
[Brick Complex at Texaco Refinery]
Photograph of a brick complex at the Texaco Refinery in Port Arthur, TX. Three workers are walking around the building. A tall storage tank is on the left with a ladder leaned against it. An object that appears to be an oven is in the picture foreground with a tall pipe protruding from the top.
[Bridge to Pleasure Island]
Photograph of a group of people walking across a bridge in Port Arthur, TX towards Pleasure Island. The bridge is framed by large, steel girders. The people are all on a foot path on the right-hand side.
[Brinkman Automotive Supply Company]
Photograph of an exterior view of Brinkman Automotive Supply Company. Seven unidentified men are standing in a row outside of the building, and one man is leaning on one of its brick columns. Several cars are parked within the building. Signs on the top of the building say "Brinkman Auto Supply Co." and "Seiberling All-Treads."
[Brown Derby]
Photograph of an exterior view of the Brown Derby, a bar and hotel on 648 Procter Street. An awning hangs from the building, and signs on it say "Coca-Cola" and "Brown Derby." In the foreground, there is a woman standing on the sidewalk and cars parked along the curb.
[Brown Derby Sports Bar]
Photograph of a sports bar in downtown Port Arthur, TX. The bar's name is "Brown Derby." An awning above the sidewalk outside bears the bar's name. On both sides of the name are Coca-Cola signs. A woman is standing on the corner near the bar. A street sign on the corner identifies the street as "Procter Street."
Photograph of an unidentified man on a running horse behind three running buffaloes, known as "Gulfaloes." In the background, there is a Gulf Refinery tank and a man walking.
[Burton Shipyard]
Photograph of Burton Shipyard just east of Port Arthur, TX. Several ships are on land in the process of construction. Several more ships are already in the water, still under construction.
[Businesses at Four Corners]
Photograph of businesses at Four Corners in Sabine Pass, Texas. Signs on the front of a building facing to the front say "Grand Prize," "The Jetties Sea Food Inn," "Sea Food Dinners 50 [cents] 75 [cents] $1.00," and "Entrance." Signs on a building facing to the right side say "The Jetties Seafood Inn" and "Coca-Cola." A row of cars are parked outside the buildings.