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[Longhorn Cafe]

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of The Longhorn Cafe on the 3800 block of Sixteenth Street. Neon signs on the building say, "The Longhorn Cafe," "Fine Foods Curb Service," and "Dining Room." Several cars are parked under a carport next to the building. In the background, there are trees and houses.
Date: 1952~
Creator: Everett, James E.

[March of Dimes and Port Arthur Police]

Description: Photograph of the Port Arthur Police supporting the March of Dimes. Two unidentified men are both holding a piece of paper; a man identified as Charles Brazil (City Manager) is standing to the right of the two men. In the background, several men and women, some wearing uniforms, are standing in front of a wall decorated with a striped star background.
Date: 1955

[March of Dimes and Port Arthur Police]

Description: Photograph of a group of people at a March of Dimes fundraiser on Procter Street. A group of policemen are standing beside a group of women wearing uniforms. In front of the group, there are three men wearing suits; two of the men are holding a piece of paper in between them. One man is identified as J. C. Enright. The police raised $2,908 for the charity.
Date: January 13, 1955

[Parade in Downtown]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people watching a parade. This section of the parade consists of men in military uniforms walking. There are parked cars behind the crowd of people. In the background, there is a row of businesses; signs in front of the businesses say "Central Hotel," "Walgreen Drugs," and "Strand." A banner hung across the road says "Baseball 8 P.M."
Date: 1950~
Creator: Everett, James

[Pistol Range for Port Arthur Police]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of a new pistol range for the Port Arthur Police Department at Spoilbank on Pleasure Pier. A road leads to two buildings, and an uneven grid is marked in front of them. In the background, there is a view of Port Arthur. Text at the top of the photograph says "New Police Pistol Range 1951." The range was modeled after a Federal Bureau of Investigation (F. B. I.) Practical Pistol Course in Quantico, Virginia. There are four pistol lanes, three small-bore rifle lanes, and three machine gun lanes.
Date: September 1951
Creator: Gulf Coast Publishers

[Pleasure Island Damage]

Description: Photograph of damage at Pleasure Island resulting from Hurricane Audrey. In the foreground, there are overturned amusement rides and an overturned chair. In the background, there is a Ferris wheel and a closed concession stand. Handwritten text below the photograph says "Hurricane Audrey June 1957."
Date: June 27, 1957
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[Port Arthur News Pressroom]

Description: Photograph of a man identified as John P. Cillessen, a foreman for Port Arthur News, standing beside a printing machine in the press room. He is pushing a button on the machine, and looking towards the newspapers on the top of it.
Date: 1956
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[Red Hussars]

Description: Photograph of the all-girl honor organization, known as the Red Hussars of Thomas Jefferson High School. They are marching down Procter Street in a parade. People are gathered on both sides of the street to watch. Businesses also line the street. In the top-left of the photograph, text says "Port Arthur Telephone Directory September, 1961." The corps was best known for its quick "double time" step of 360 steps per minute. Members were selected and invited into the corps after passing five tests. The corps dissolved in 1993. In 1995, the Red Hussar Alumni Association was formed to be involved in community affairs and lead the Mardi Gras parade every February.
Date: 1950
Creator: Everett, James

[Salem's Used Car Lot]

Description: Photograph of Salem's Used Car Lot on 1100 Procter Street. Several cars are parked along a corner of the lot. Signs in the corner of the lot say "Salem's Guaranteed Cars" and "Salem's Dependable Cars." Behind the cars, there is a building with a sign that says "Salem Motor Co." In the background, there is a car on the road.
Date: 1956

[Spooner's Photo Shop]

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of Spooner's Photo Shop on 427 Austin Avenue. Through the windows, various photography products are visible. A sign on the front of the buildings says "Spooner's" and "Kodak Cameras Film & Supplies Cards & Records."
Date: 1952
Creator: Everett, James

[Townsend Quality Milk]

Description: Photograph of an exterior view of Townsend Quality Milk on 2545 Procter Street. A decorative glass panel on the corner of the building says "Townsend" at the top. Townsend Quality Milk was the home of the famous Roscoe Bar, a vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate on a stick. About one in five bars would have the word "Free" printed on the stick. This treat was popular with grade school children.
Date: 1950
Creator: Everett, James

[W. T. Grant Company]

Description: Photograph of W. T. Grant Company on 701 Procter Street. The display windows are filled with products and signs. Some of the signs say "Air Conditioned" and "44 [cents]." Text above the entrances says "W. T. Grant Co." Columns in front of the entrances say "Grants."
Date: August 1951
Creator: Everett, James

[Woodrow Wilson Junior High School Band]

Description: Photograph of a portrait of Woodrow Wilson Junior High Band. There are four rows of students wearing uniforms and holding instruments. In front, four girls wearing uniforms are holding batons and kneeling; a banner in the middle of the girls says "Woodrow Wilson Junior High School Port Arthur Texas," and has an emblem of the school mascot: a bear. In the background, there is a building with three arched doorways.
Date: March 1959
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography