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Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, Library and Hall of Fame - Browse

Cook by Car
Photograph of a man in an apron and paper hat leaning on a car. The man is "Dad", the cook for the Shell Oil seismograph party.
Harry Goode and Bill Stewart Boxing
Photograph of two members of the Shell Oil seismologist crew, Harry Goode and Bill Stewart, boxing for recreation. There is a house behind them, and several people are watching the match from the porch.
Man by Car
Photograph of a man, a Shell Oil worker identified as "Tony", in a leather jacket next to a car in Ackerly, Texas.
Man in Sweater
Photograph of a Shell Oil worker in a sweater standing near a porch.
Man with Tires
Photograph of a Shell Oil worker (referred to as Skeeter) carrying tires. There are a couple of cars in the background.
Men Posing for Picture
Photograph of several workers lined up for a portrait. They are in two rows, the front row sitting on the ground, the back standing. The workers are members of the Shell Oil seismograph crew. Cars are lined up behind the men.
Men Standing
Photograph of two men in baseball caps posing for a picture next to a car.
Men with Bags
Photograph of two men in suits carrying bags. The men are called "Harry and Sherry", and the photo is taken in Ackerly, Texas.
Men with Cars
Photograph of two men posing with three cars. One man, wearing a hat, is inside a white car while the other has his foot perched on the same car's running board.
Robby and Frank Taylor by Car
Photograph of two men in jackets leaning on a car. The men are Robby and Frank Taylor.
Seismologist Crew Playing Cards
Photograph of several members of the Shell Oil seismologist crew around a blackjack game. Three men are playing the card game in the dirt next to a line of cars.
Shell Oil Workers on Porch
Photograph of four Shell Oil Company workers in jackets on a porch. Two workers are sitting on the porch, while the other two are standing.
Shell Oil Workers Standing by Car
Photograph of three Shell Oil workers standing next to a car. The two workers in back have their arms on the shoulder of the man in front. One is wearing a hat, and another is holding one.
Shell Oil Workers, Yancy and Nick
Photograph of two men in hats standing by a car. The men, workers for Shell Oil, are named Yancy and Nick.