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Cook Shacks
Photograph of two Gulf Oil Company cook shacks near Breckenridge, Texas. There is a derrick visible in the background between the two shacks.
Group of Men
Photograph of a group of men posing in front of the porch of a brick building in West Texas. The group is a seismograph crew from the Shell Oil Company.
Oil Flowing from Well
Photograph of oil flowing from a 4" line at the Hendricks #11 oil well in Winkler County, Texas.
Men with Cars
Photograph of two men posing with three cars. One man, wearing a hat, is inside a white car while the other has his foot perched on the same car's running board.
Hendricks Oil Line
Photograph of the Hendricks B#3 standard rig rod line in Winkler County, Texas.
Workers Cleaning Well
Photograph of the Powell #2 oil well in Crockett County, Texas. There are three workers in work clothes cleaning the well.
Gulf Oil Truck
Photograph of a Gulf Oil Company truck in the mud. The license plate - 490-422 - is clearly visible under the windshield.
Steam from Boiler Pump
Photograph of steam coming from a boiler station pump at the Hendricks Tank Battery in Winkler County, Texas.