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Group of Men
Photograph of a group of men posing in front of the porch of a brick building in West Texas. The group is a seismograph crew from the Shell Oil Company.
Oil Flowing from Well
Photograph of oil flowing from a 4" line at the Hendricks #11 oil well in Winkler County, Texas.
Men with Cars
Photograph of two men posing with three cars. One man, wearing a hat, is inside a white car while the other has his foot perched on the same car's running board.
Hendricks Oil Line
Photograph of the Hendricks B#3 standard rig rod line in Winkler County, Texas.
Workers Cleaning Well
Photograph of the Powell #2 oil well in Crockett County, Texas. There are three workers in work clothes cleaning the well.
Gulf Oil Truck
Photograph of a Gulf Oil Company truck in the mud. The license plate - 490-422 - is clearly visible under the windshield.
Steam from Boiler Pump
Photograph of steam coming from a boiler station pump at the Hendricks Tank Battery in Winkler County, Texas.
Men Placing Boilers
Photograph on postcard of men setting up boilers to put out an oil fire at the C.L. Perkins No. 5 oil well in Eastland County, Texas in 1919. Smoke from the fire can be seen over the workers.