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[Portrait of Neal Wright]

Description: Photograph of Neal Wright (son of Robert G. Wright and nephew of William C. Wright) as a young man. Wright is wearing a dark suit jacket, tie, and vest. He is posed as if he is walking through a garden gate and the backdrop and props includ fake foliage and trees. Text on the back of the photograph reads, in three sets of handwriting: "This picture was taken in the year of 1893 at the age of 22 years. Neal Wright, Born April 19, 1871 near Boliver Texas," "lived at Strawn, brother of Bob, Ernest Wright," and "Son of Robert Washington Wright & Arcanie Gober."
Date: 1893
Creator: Jones

[Portrait of Neal Wright at Home]

Description: Photograph of Neal Wright outside of his home in Gilmer, Texas. He is wearing overalls and has his hands on his hips. A child is kneeling behind a bush to the right. Handwritten notes on the back of the photograph say: "Geo. Wright," "Neal Wright taken 1919 at Home, Gilmer, Texas," and "Son of Rober Washington Wright & Arcanie Gober, Mathias Neil Wright."
Date: 1919

[Wright Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of a family of twelve individuals posing outdoors. Robert G. Wright is seated on the left and a young girl is standing in front of him with her hands on his legs. Robert's wife is seated on the right and holds a baby in her arms. The rest of the family surrounds them. Females and children wear white garments, while males wear dark suits. There is a partially-legible list of names and ages on the back fo the photograph: "Neal Wright age [...]; Gertie Grantham, age 17; Jhon Grantham, age 26; Arcanie Wright, age 16; Robert Wright, age 14, R. H[...] Wright, age 10; [...] Wright, age 8; Nannie Wright, age 6; Louise Wright, age 4; Agnes Wright, age 2."
Date: 189u