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[Abner C. Stewart and Family]

Description: Photograph of the Stewart family posing in front of a frame building with two porches and a brick chimney. The family group consists of a boy sitting astride a horse next to a standing boy and man, a woman seated with a toddler in her lap, and two girls standing.
Date: unknown

[Aubrey High and Elementary Schools]

Description: Photograph of school building with two school buses parked to the right. There are a few small trees and a puddle in front of the building.
Date: 1954

[Aubrey School Classes]

Description: Photograph of a group of boys, girls, and adults posed in front of a brick school building.
Date: [1905..1906]

[Blackjack School]

Description: Photograph of a frame building with a steeply pitched shingle roof, a chimney, and three windows. Chickens appear in the foreground.
Date: 1910~

[Bob Goin and Unidentified Man]

Description: Photograph of Bob Goin and an unidentified man, both wearing hats and overalls. The men are standing outdoors in front of an automobile. The man on the left smokes a pipe.
Date: unknown

[Boy Standing Next to Chair]

Description: Photograph of an adolescent boy standing next to a chair, with his left hand resting on the chair's back.
Date: unknown

[Boy With Book]

Description: Photograph of a boy sitting with a book on his lap.
Date: unknown

[Cage McNatt with Pig]

Description: Photograph of Cage McNatt standing in a field near a pig. Trees appear in the background.
Date: unknown

[Children By Pond]

Description: Photograph of five children sitting at the edge of a pond. Trees, buildings, and a fence are visible behind them.
Date: 1918

[Cora Sardin's Mother With Baby]

Description: Photograph of a woman identified as "Cora Sardin's mother," with a child. It's not clear if the child is Cora Sardin herself.
Date: unknown

[Downtown Aubrey, 1972]

Description: Photograph of a wide angle view of downtown Aubrey, Texas, showing cars and pickup trucks parked in front of Gordon's; Jackie's Hardware; and Pettit's Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, and Meats.
Date: 1972
Creator: Harmon, Joyce

[Dyche Family in Snow]

Description: Photograph of a man standing on a porch. Another man and two women stand in the snow to the left. The man on the porch may be Johnny Dyche.
Date: 1950~

[Eliza Wood Williams as a Teenager]

Description: Portrait of a young woman, Eliza Wood Williams, wearing a dark suit with a high, ruffled lace collar. Eliza Wood Williams was Bouncer Goin's paternal grandmother.
Date: unknown

[Giles V. Goin In Uniform]

Description: Photograph of Giles V. Goin in uniform, standing on a dirt road. A fence is visible behind him.
Date: unknown

[Goin Family]

Description: Photograph of the Goin family. The man stands behind the chair in which the woman is seated, and a young child stands next to her holding a doll. They pose in front of a wooden house. The text reads: "Albert Emer Willie May Goin." It is unknown whether that is the man's full name, or if this is describing all the family members shown.
Date: unknown

[Goin Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of four women, a man, and a boy posing in front of a tractor and trees. They are, from left to right, Reina Goin, Blanche, Bill Jones, Erma and Aunt Buelah Stewart Jones.
Date: unknown

[Granny Harmon's House]

Description: Photograph of a house, with two women standing on the porch. Chickens are visible in the foreground.
Date: 1910~

[Grapevine on House]

Description: Photograph of a grapevine growing across the front of a home. Ornamental woodwork is visible on the gables and eaves of the house. Lightning rods with weather vanes are visible on the roof. A picket fence stands in the foreground.
Date: unknown

[Guards For a Whiskey Still]

Description: Photograph of two young men holding shotguns, with pistols in their belts. A dog stands in front of them, and bushes and trees are in the background.
Date: unknown