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[Grapevine on House]

Description: Photograph of a grapevine growing across the front of a home. Ornamental woodwork is visible on the gables and eaves of the house. Lightning rods with weather vanes are visible on the roof. A picket fence stands in the foreground.
Date: unknown

[Abner C. Stewart and Family]

Description: Photograph of the Stewart family posing in front of a frame building with two porches and a brick chimney. The family group consists of a boy sitting astride a horse next to a standing boy and man, a woman seated with a toddler in her lap, and two girls standing.
Date: unknown

[School Photograph, 1912]

Description: School photograph featuring a woman with children posed in front of a brick building. More children can be seen in the window behind the group to the left. Jim Goin sits third from left, and Lillian Goin is second from the right in the front.
Date: April 29, 1912

[Meat Market at Old Grocery Store]

Description: Photograph of seven men in front of the meat market and old grocery store in Aubrey, Texas. Four men are seated on the walkway, while three other men stand behind them. The men are identified as Will Harmon, Wood Goin, and Ashley, standing. The seated men are, from left to right, Robinson, Uncle Newt Reynolds, Dr. R. L. Burke, and J. L. Steele.
Date: [1907..1917]