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[3 Soviet Chervontsa]

Description: Paper bill worth three Soviet chervontsa used during the reign of the Soviet Union (now Russia). This bill has a portrait of Vladimir Lenin on the far right side of the front, and a large "3" printed on the far left side. The back of the bill has a purple printed border outlining Russian text and a large "3" in the center.
Date: 1937

[10 Filipino Pesos]

Description: Paper bill worth ten pesos used by the Japanese government during their occupation of the Philippines from 1942-1945. The front of the bill has text saying "The Japanese Government," and "Ten Pesos." On the right side of the bill there is a picture of a person riding a horse through a forest of palm trees, and on the left there is a large "X" printed in white. The back of the bill has "Ten Pesos" printed in a large font with an ornate design for a border.
Date: 1942

[50 Filipino Centavos]

Description: Paper bill worth fifty centavos used by the Japanese government during their occupation of the Philippines from 1942 to 1945. This bill has a picture on the front right of a person riding an animal through a forest of palm trees; there is an ornate design on the back side with double "50" printed on the left and right.
Date: 1942

[100 Mexican Pesos]

Description: Paper bill worth 100 Mexican pesos printed in 1942. This bill has a photograph of a man on the far right side and a large "100" printed in the left center portion of the front side; the title of the bill is "El Banco de Mexico." The back of the bill has a photograph of a large building in the center, "100" printed on the far left and right, and a note on the bottom saying "Cien Pesos."
Date: November 15, 1942

[Advertisement for "The World's Finest" Saddle]

Description: Advertisement by The Heller Printing Co. encouraging businesses to print advertisements with the company by touting the success of the Myres Saddle Co. It includes an image of a $10,000 saddle made by S. D. Myres that was originally printed as the frontispiece of the Myres Saddle Co. catalog.
Date: unknown
Creator: The Heller Printin Co.

[Application for Home Canning Sugar Coupons]

Description: Application for home canning sugar coupons belonging to Mrs. F. D. Wyatt. The text on the back of the slip discusses why sugar supplies are so low; the shortage is partly due to increased need overseas, not as much being brought to the U. S. and people the previous year "over-applied for canning sugar."
Date: [1942..1945]

Application for War Ration Book No. 3

Description: Ration book application signed by Beatrice Clementine Blewett in Alexandria, Louisiana. The note on the bottom right corner says "This application must be mailed between June 1 and June 10, 1943. After June 10th, applications will not be accepted before August 1. Affix postage before mailing."
Date: June 10, 1943
Creator: United States. Office of Price Administration

[Article about Sam Myres move to the West to chase business opportunities]

Description: Newspaper clipping that features an article about Sam Myres decision to move his business out of Sweetwater, Texas to El Paso, Texas. This decision was made due to the lessoning of ranchers that could be found in that area of Texas with more innovation coming about to make moving to other places easier and more opportunistic. The article goes on to talk about Myres son, Bill, who took on the business once his father had passed.
Date: August 26, 1986
Creator: Francis, Otis

[Award for Sam Myres from the U.S. War Department]

Description: Certificate for "distinguished service" awarded to Sam Myres by the U.S. War Department for his donations of saddles and other gear to the military during World War I. It includes two letters regarding the award, including a statement from the War Department Director of Purchase, Storage and Traffic citing the nomination for a certificate for recognition and a letter from the headquarters of the Southern Department awarding the certificate to Myres.
Date: 1919-12/1920-02
Creator: United States. War Department.

[Awards and Decoration Record for Ray E. Farris]

Description: Award and Decoration Record card sent to Ray E. Farris in honor of his service during the war. The card says: " THIS CERTIFIES THAT Ray E. Farris, 38101293 is authorized by proper authority to wear the following..." On the left side of the fold there is a list of the medals he won and how he earned them.
Date: May 1, 1945
Creator: United States. Army.

[Bill Myres wearing Jack Thompson's Buscadero belt]

Description: Newspaper clipping that depicts Bill Myres in a brown suit wearing a Buscadero belt. The article that is under the picture talks about Sam Myres' longevity as a leather maker. His business is known to produce dependable and good quality items. Now that Sam Myres has passed, his son, Bill Myres, has taken over the business and continues to produce S.D. Myres Saddle Company products.
Date: June 2, 1957
Creator: Wilke, L. A.

[Boston Almanac: 1873-1874]

Description: Almanac including a chronicle of events for 1873, figures for the 1870 census, calendar pages for each month in 1874 -- with day of the week, sun rise/set and solar information, lunar information, and tides -- list of government officials and members of Congress, state government information and officials in Massachusetts, county register, and information about Boston -- including officials, government departments and services, churches, societies, and railroads -- along with extensive advertising.
Date: 1873~

[Brochure of the Military Government in Germany]

Description: Book concerning the "Military Government [in] Germany" now that the allied forces had made their way into Germany. The Table of Contents shows each section dealing with the abrogation, dissolution, or altering of policies that had been set forth by the Nazi Party in 1933. The text on the front page says this book contains "Proclamation, Laws, Ordinaces and Notices. Directives and Instructions to German Police."
Date: November 7, 1944
Creator: United States. Army.

[Business Card for David Duclos]

Description: Business card for David C. Duclos, president of the S. D. Myres Saddle Company. The S. D. Myres Saddle Company logo is in the upper-left corner with Duclos' name below and the company address and telephone number in the lower-right corner.
Date: unknown
Creator: S. D. Myres Saddle Company

[Card Featuring a Poem]

Description: Card printed with the text of a poem below an illustration of yellow and pink roses surrounded by a silver lace pattern, as well as silver trim around the edge of the card. Text: "When I was just a little lad a standing at your knee / Your tender face was always like / A lovely rose to me... / And though your loveliness may fade / And lose its color bright / You still are like a rose to me / Though now the rose is white".
Date: unknown

[Certificate of Retirement to Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Griggs]

Description: Certificate of retirement from the "Armed Forces of the United States of America" to Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Griggs. The certificate reads: "To All Who Shall See These Presents, Greeting: This Is To Certify That Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Griggs...Was Retired From The United States Army." This certificate was signed by the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Edward C. Meyer; there is a letter from W. T. Prescott accompanying the certificate with details of Griggs' status on the retired list.
Date: October 7, 1979
Creator: Meyer, Edward C.