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[Betty, Carolyn, Helen]
Carolyn Street Scott, center, with two daughters, Betty Scott Scrivner and Helen Scott Dickson.
[Betty, Helen, and Eleanor Scott]
Three sisters, Betty, Helen, and Eleanor Scott, daughter of Carolyn Street Scott and Thomas McGee Scott.
[Carolyn Scott]
Carolyn Street Scott seated in a chair.
[Carolyn Scott in Boulder, Colorado]
Carolyn Street Scott in Boulder, Colorado.
[Carolyn Scott sawing a piece of wood]
Carolyn Street Scott sawing what appears to be a piece of board.
[Carolyn Scott with Bob Richards]
Carolyn Street Scott with Bob Richards at Mark & Caroline Richards' wedding.
[Carolyn Street Scott at Clarewood House]
Carolyn Street Scott in her apartment at Clarewood House in Houston.
[Carolyn Street Scott at the airport]
Carolyn Street Scott at the airport. Mark Richards had taken her to see the airplane he and Caroline and their children had flown to Texas from their home in Virginia.
[Carolyn Street Scott at the Scrivner/Dickson Wedding Reception]
Carolyn Street Scott at the home of Anne Scrivner and L.R. "Racy" Sanford for the Scrivner/Dickson Wedding Reception.
[Carolyn Street Scott by fireplace, 1954]
Carolyn Street Scott by a fireplace.
[Carolyn Street Scott entering St. Paul's Methodist Church]
Carolyn Street Scott entering St. Paul's Methodist Church for the marriage of Betty to Emet P. Dickson. Left to right in rear: Tom Kearns, Racy Sanford, and Mark Richards.
[Carolyn Street Scott in Betty & Phil Scrivner's dining room]
Carolyn Street Scott at Betty & Phil Scrivner's dining room, Julie Anne Richards in the background.
[Carolyn Street Scott in Betty & Phil Scrivner's living room]
Carolyn Street Scott at Betty & Phil Scrivner's living room.
[Death certificate of Carolyn Street Scott]
Death certificate for Carolyn Street Scott. She died August 31, 1973, and was 92 years old.
[Death certificate of Thomas McGee Scott]
Death certificate for Thomas McGee Scott. He died March 4, 1941.
[Four generations with Carolyn Scott, 1958. ]
Four generations: Betty Scrivner standing (rear), Carolyn Street Scott (seated) with Sheryl Sanford on the left and Julie Richards on the right. Anne Scrivner Sanford (left), Robert M. Richards with Caroline Scrivner Richards (standing on the right).
[Helen, Carolyn, Eleanor, and Betty]
Helen Scott Dickson, Carolyn Street Scott, Eleanor Scott Muhn, Betty Scott Scrivner.
[Last Will and Testament of Thomas M. Scott]
Last Will & Testament of Thomas McGee Scott, filed 6th of March, 1941.
[Letter from D.H. Scott to Mrs. C.I. Scofield, July 26, 1921]
Letter from D.H. Scott to Mrs. C.I Scofield with condolences on the death of her husband. Judge Scott comments on his 38 years of fellowship with C.I. Scofield.
[Memorial for Thomas McGee Scott by Jack Rattikin of the Texas Title Association]
A typed memorial upon the death of Thomas McGee Scott by James Rattikin of the Texas Title Association. Mentions Tom Scott's role as part of the "Famous 40" as a delegate at the Democratic Presidential Convention in which Woodrow Wilson was nominated. Tom Scott served as President of the Texas Title Association in 1912, and as President of the American Title Association in 1917.
[Recipes for Rice Pudding and Cranberry Jelly]
Recipes for rice pudding and cranberry jelly.
[Thomas McGee Scott]
Thomas McGee Scott outdoors.