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[Betty, Helen, and Eleanor Scott]
Three sisters, Betty, Helen, and Eleanor Scott, daughter of Carolyn Street Scott and Thomas McGee Scott.
[Death certificate of Carolyn Street Scott]
Death certificate for Carolyn Street Scott. She died August 31, 1973, and was 92 years old.
[Death certificate of Thomas McGee Scott]
Death certificate for Thomas McGee Scott. He died March 4, 1941.
[Helen, Carolyn, Eleanor, and Betty]
Helen Scott Dickson, Carolyn Street Scott, Eleanor Scott Muhn, Betty Scott Scrivner.
[Last Will and Testament of Thomas M. Scott]
Last Will & Testament of Thomas McGee Scott, filed 6th of March, 1941.
[Letter from D.H. Scott to Mrs. C.I. Scofield, July 26, 1921]
Letter from D.H. Scott to Mrs. C.I Scofield with condolences on the death of her husband. Judge Scott comments on his 38 years of fellowship with C.I. Scofield.
[Thomas McGee Scott]
Thomas McGee Scott outdoors.